Service Bus


Service Business, 17(1)


Special Issue: Implementing Industry 4.0 Technologies in Services: (Opportunities and Reinventions in Service Business) Guest editors: Carlos Flavián, Russell W. Belk and Daniel Belanche

Key concepts in artificial intelligence and technologies 4.0 in services
Russell W. Belk, Daniel Belanche, Carlos Flavián [Google Scholar]

Digital transformation trends in service industries
HeeSoo Chin, Durga Prasad Marasini, DonHee Lee [Google Scholar]

Applying Industry 4.0 technologies for the sustainability of small service enterprises
Darshan Pandya, Gopal Kumar [Google Scholar]

Live support by chatbots with artificial intelligence: A future research agenda
Mark Anthony Camilleri, Ciro Troise [Google Scholar]

Perceived value of AI-based recommendations service: the case of voice assistants
K Akdim, Luis V. Casaló [Google Scholar]

How monetization mechanisms in mobile games influence consumers’ identity extensions
Miikka J. Lehtonen, J. Tuomas Harviainen, Annakaisa Kultima [Google Scholar]

Customer comfort during service robot interactions
Marc Becker, Dominik Mahr, Gaby Odekerken-Schröder [Google Scholar]

Exploring the antecedents of customers’ willingness to use service robots in restaurants
Sebastian Molinillo, Francisco Rejón-Guardia, Rafael Anaya-Sánchez [Google Scholar]

Humans and/or robots? Tourists’ preferences towards the humans–robots mix in the service delivery system
Stanislav Ivanov, Craig Webster, Faruk Seyitoğlu [Google Scholar]

Working with AI: can stress bring happiness?
Sandra Maria Correia Loureiro, Ricardo Godinho Bilro, Diogo Neto [Google Scholar]

Transforming data into information for smart services: integration of morphological analysis and text mining
Minjun Kim, Silvana Trimi [Google Scholar]

Are customer star ratings and sentiments aligned? A deep learning study of the customer service experience in tourism destinations
Enrique Bigne, Carla Ruiz, Carmen Perez-Cabañero, Antonio Cuenca [Google Scholar]

Can robots recover a service using interactional justice as employees do? A literature review-based assessment
Mathieu Lajante, David Remisch, Nikita Dorofeev [Google Scholar]

Barriers and opportunities of digital servitization for SMEs: the effect of smart Product-Service System business models
Marie-Anne Le-Dain, Lamiae Benhayoun, Judy Matthews, Marine Liard [Google Scholar]

Is the hotel industry really committed to the environment? Answering using the business models framework
María A. Quintás, Ana I. Martínez-Senra, Adela García-Pintos [Google Scholar]

The relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and success of foodservice business: effects of religion
Seongbae Lim, Sung Tae Kim [Google Scholar]