J Destination Mar Man


Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, 27



International tourism: Inimitable vs imitable core tourism resources and destination image
Nelson Oly Ndubisi, Sumesh Nair [Google Scholar]

How COVID-19 impacts travel-health information seeking and tourists’ travel intentions: A protection motivation theory-based model
Arej Alhemimah [Google Scholar]

Influence of celebrity, destination and tourist personality on destination attachment and revisit intention: Moderating roles of endorsement embeddedness, destination crowding and gender
Debasis Pradhan, Tapas Ranjan Moharana, Garima Malik [Google Scholar]

How does cuteness become the cue? Investigating the impact of cute destination spokespersons on tourist travel intention
Ben Haobin Ye, Junliang He, Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong, Ziyang Li, York Qi Yan [Google Scholar]

How should cities communicate? The interaction effect of city stereotypes and advertising language on travel intention
Zelin Tong, Ruoyu Yu, Haowen Xiao [Google Scholar]

The influence of special dietary needs on tourist satisfaction and behavioral intention: Satisfiers or dissatisfiers?
Zohre Mohammadi, Abhishek Singh Bhati, Valeriya Radomskaya, Alexander Josiassen [Google Scholar]

Customer engagement in domestic wine tourism: The role of motivations
Amy Gaetjens, Armando Maria Corsi, Carolin Plewa [Google Scholar]

Incorporating senses into destination image
Nguyen Thanh Trang, Joanne Jung-Eun Yoo, Dongoh Joo, Gyehee Lee [Google Scholar]

Sustainable tourism policies: From crisis-related awareness to agendas towards measures
Sarah Schönherr, Mike Peters, Kir Kuščer [Google Scholar]

Formation of a tourist destination image: Co-occurrence analysis of destination promotion videos
Bing Zuo, Chin-Hsun (Ken) Tsai, Ching-Hui (Joan) Su, Nitchamon Jantes, Ming-Hsiang Chen, Jiaxue Liu [Google Scholar]

Identifying the role of intangible cultural heritage in distinguishing cities: A social media study of heritage, place, and sense in Guangzhou, China
Qihang Qiu [Google Scholar]

Residents’ willingness to become peer-to-peer tourism experience providers in mass tourism destinations
Joan B. Garau-Vadell, Francina Orfila-Sintes, Francisco Rejón-Guardia [Google Scholar]

Exploring behaviors of social media-induced tourists and the use of behavioral interventions as salient destination response strategy
Lauren A. Siegel, Iis Tussyadiah, Caroline Scarles [Google Scholar]

Perceived authenticity of hallmark event brands: Conceptualization, measurement, and an integrative framework
Yawen He, Jianfeng Ma, Pan Zhang [Google Scholar]

Does destination brand experience help build trust? Disentangling the effects on trust and trustworthiness
Eduardo Torres-Moraga, Cristobal Barra [Google Scholar]