J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 38(5)



Editorial: New JBIM initiatives to improve B2B research and provide greater scholarly alignment with practice
Wesley J. Johnston [Google Scholar]

The vulnerability of technology-based business during COVID-19: an indicator-based conceptual framework
Mahsa Kamalipoor, Morteza Akbari, Seyed Reza Hejazi, Alireza Nazarian [Google Scholar]

Promotional inputs and selling: evidence from India
Harindranath R.M., Bharadhwaj Sivakumaran [Google Scholar]

The impact of coercive pressure and ethical responsibility on cross-functional green management and firm performance
Xiaochen Yue, Baofeng Huo, Yuxiao Ye [Google Scholar]

Share of purchases in B2B: relative customer satisfaction indicators and customer characteristics as main influencers
Josep Alet Vilaginés [Google Scholar]

The strategic role of firm agility in the relationship between IT capability and firm performance under the COVID-19 outbreak
Bingfeng Bai, Ki-Hyun Um, Hanna Lee [Google Scholar]

Exploring the role of relationship management and relationship quality in B2B: empirical insights and future research directions
Flevy Lasrado, Park Thaichon, Munyaradzi W. Nyadzayo [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and consequences of supply chain agility: a competence-capability-performance paradigm
Yanming Zhang, Minhao Gu, Baofeng Huo [Google Scholar]

When does a supplier tolerate resellers’ opportunistic behaviors? Transaction benefit and cost perspectives
Youngsu Lee [Google Scholar]

Modeling the strategies to accelerate the natural gas business market growth in a developing country
Atul Rawat, Chandra Prakash Garg [Google Scholar]

Pricing and advertising decisions in O2O supply chain with the presence of consumers’ anticipated regret
Qiongqiong Gu, Rong Zhang, Bin Liu [Google Scholar]

Policy uncertainty, social responsibility and corporate M&A
Cong Li, Gongxu Lan, Guitao Zhang, Peiyue Cheng, Yangyan Shi, Yangfei Gao [Google Scholar]

A meta-analysis on entrepreneurial orientation in the export context
Ayça Kübra Hizarci, Nilay Bıçakcıoğlu-Peynirci, İlayda İpek [Google Scholar]

The impact of supply chain social capital on supply chain performance: a longitudinal analysis
Yuxiao Ye, Lu Yang, Baofeng Huo, Xiande Zhao [Google Scholar]

Marketing in the livestock sector and its impact on food security in Saudi Arabia
Odai Falah Mohammad Al-Ghaswyneh [Google Scholar]

Favor reciprocity, innovation and inefficiency: the double-edged sword of business-to-business relations
Omar AlHussainan, Ying Guo, Hussain Gulzar Rammal, Ryan W. Tang, Ismail Golgeci [Google Scholar]

Time for change? Scenario analysis on buyer–seller negotiations
Sandra Haggenmüller, Patricia Oehlschläger, Uta Herbst, Markus Voeth [Google Scholar]