J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 183(3)



Biased Humans, (Un)Biased Algorithms?
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Are Algorithmic Decisions Legitimate? The Effect of Process and Outcomes on Perceptions of Legitimacy of AI Decisions
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In Bounds but Out of the Box: A Meta-Analysis Clarifying the Effect of Ethicality on Creativity
Christopher Winchester, Kelsey E. Medeiros [Google Scholar]

Responses to Ethical Scenarios: The Impact of Trade-Off Salience on Competing Construal Level Effects
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Developing Ethical Sensitivity in Future Accounting Practitioners: The Case of a Dialogic Learning for Final-Year Undergraduates
Janie Bérubé, Yves Gendron [Google Scholar]

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Derek Ezell, Victoria Bush, Matthew B. Shaner, Scott Vitell, Jiangang Huang [Google Scholar]

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Joëlle Vanhamme, Adam Lindgreen, Gülen Sarial-Abi [Google Scholar]

True Consumer Autonomy: A Formalization and Implications
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Feeling Guilty and Entitled: Paradoxical Consequences of Unethical Pro-organizational Behavior
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Socially Responsible Human Resource Management and Employee Moral Voice: Based on the Self-determination Theory
Hongdan Zhao, Yuanhua Chen, Weiwei Liu [Google Scholar]