J Adv Res


Journal of Advertising Research, 63(1)


Introducing 2023 JAR Research Priorities: An Industry-Informed List of Advertising Topics Where Research Is Needed Most
Colin Campbell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]


How Do Taxes on Car Sales Affect Television Advertising Strategies? A Model for Predicting Advertising Intensity around Emissions-Related Tax Changes
Yiting Deng, Min Jiang, and Xiaodong Jiang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Customer Ratings Influence Consumers Who Have Already Experienced a Product? How Memory Reconstruction and Conformity Can Reshape Product Evaluations And Perceptions
Jonas Colliander, Micael Dahlen, and Helge Thorbjørnsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Actors Who Play Outlaws Can Be Good for Endorsing Products: The Unexpected Power of Negative Character Endorsers
Jennifer Jeffrey, Matthew Thomson, and Allison R. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Investigation Into Slogan Design on Creating Slogan–Brand Alignment: Message Clarity and Creativity Enhance While Jingles and Rhymes Weaken Alignment
Mayukh Dass, Chiranjeev Kohli, and Manaswini Acharya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Casting Older Female Models Is Good for Advertising: The Positive Effects of Challenging the Underrepresentation of Older Women in Ads
Hanna Berg and Karina T. Liljedal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Guide to Graphic Design for Functional versus Experiential Ads: Color-Evoked Emotion and Design Complexity Can Enhance Effectiveness
Yuanyuan Zhu, Tina Tessitore, Paul Harrigan, and Kristof Coussement [Publisher] [Google Scholar]