J Adv


Journal of Advertising, 52(2)


Partially Green, Wholly Deceptive? How Consumers Respond to (In)Consistently Sustainable Packaged Products in the Presence of Sustainability Claims |
Nigel D. Steenis, Erica van Herpen, Ivo A. van der Lans & Hans C. M. van Trijp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What’s in a (First) Name? Personized Advertising Messages Enhance Consumer Perceived Ethicality
Felix Septianto, Widya Paramita & Sheng Ye [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Nostalgia and Forestalgia: Insights, Evaluation, and Implications for Advertising and Product Typology
R. Wixel Barnwell, Joel Collier & Kevin J. Shanahan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Too Exciting to Care? When Expressing Gratitude Is a Detriment to the Brand
Dora E. Bock & Veronica L. Thomas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Much Does Ad Sequence Matter? Economic Implications of Consumer Zapping and the Zapping-Induced Externality in the Television Advertising Market
Yang Shi, Jun B. Kim & Ying Zhao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social Value: A Computational Model for Measuring Influence on Purchases and Actions for Individuals and Systems
Dmitri Williams, Euna Mehnaz Khan, Nishith Pathak & Jaideep Srivastava [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Too Close to the Ego: Narcissists’ Affective Reaction to Advertising Depends on Its Relevance to Self-Image
Yang He [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Literature Review Corner

Out-of-Home Advertising: A Systematic Review and Research Agenda
Rick T. Wilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Note

‘I Thought My Idea to Use Your Idea Was a Great Idea’: Inadvertent Plagiarism in Marketing
Brittney C. Bauer & Clark D. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]