Intl J Res Mar


International Journal of Research in Marketing, 40(1)


Blockchain meets marketing: Opportunities, threats, and avenues for future research
Renana Peres, Martin Schreier, David A. Schweidel, Alina Sorescu [Google Scholar]

Designing Distributed Ledger technologies, like Blockchain, for advertising markets
Mingyu Joo, Seung Hyun Kim, Anindya Ghose, Kenneth C. Wilbur [Google Scholar]

Cryptopricing: Whence comes the value for cryptocurrencies and NFTs?
Z. John Zhang [Google Scholar]

How can non-fungible tokens bring value to brands
Anatoli Colicev [Google Scholar]

Blockchain technology for creative industries: Current state and research opportunities
Nikhil Malik, Yanhao “Max” Wei, Gil Appel, Lan Luo [Google Scholar]

What blockchain can and can’t do: Applications to marketing and privacy
Alex Marthews, Catherine Tucker [Google Scholar]

Complementing human effort in online reviews: A deep learning approach to automatic content generation and review synthesis
Keith Carlson, Praveen K. Kopalle, Allen Riddell, Daniel Rockmore, Prasad Vana [Google Scholar]

More than a Feeling: Accuracy and Application of Sentiment Analysis
Jochen Hartmann, Mark Heitmann, Christian Siebert, Christina Schamp [Google Scholar]

Money in a “Safe” place: Money anthropomorphism increases saving behavior
Lili Wang, Sara Kim, Xinyue Zhou [Google Scholar]

Speaking vs. listening? Balance conversation attributes of voice assistants for better voice marketing
Peng Hu, Yeming Gong, Yaobin Lu, Amy Wenxuan Ding [Google Scholar]

Consistency and commonality in advertising content: Helping or Hurting?
Maren Becker, Maarten J. Gijsenberg [Google Scholar]

Immediate and enduring effects of digital badges on online content consumption and generation
Shijie Lu, Ying Xie, Xingyu Chen [Google Scholar]

Automated inference of product attributes and their importance from user-generated content: Can we replace traditional market research?
Tobias Roelen-Blasberg, Johannes Habel, Martin Klarmann [Google Scholar]

Investigating the effect of status changes in review platforms
Ali Tamaddoni, Satheesh Seenivasan, Jason I. Pallant, Bernd Skiera [Google Scholar]

Design of product quality scales for conveying information by infomediaries
Nina Baranchuk, Ashutosh Prasad [Google Scholar]

Decomposing the effect of advertising: What happens in the retail channel?
Michaela Draganska, Maria Ana Vitorino [Google Scholar]

The future of private-label markets: A global convergence approach
Katrijn Gielens, Marnik G. Dekimpe, Anirban Mukherjee, Kapil Tuli [Google Scholar]