Open Science


Summer course, Innsbruck, 3-7 Jul 2023


Author: Felix Holzmeister

Dear colleagues,

I am glad to announce that I will teach a summer school on open science in Innsbruck, Austria, this year. The summer school will be held on-site at the University of Innsbruck from July 3-7 2023, and will give 5 ECTS-credits. The programs aims at providing a critical view on the “rules of a game named science,” and provides an introduction to remedies to the manifold issues jeopardizing the credibility of scientific results: power calculations, confirmatory research (pre-registration), and open and transparent research practices.

PhD Students and PostDocs from all disciplines are welcome to apply and will …

… gain an understanding of common (mal)practices in scholarly research.

… learn to recognize the merits confirmatory and transparent research practices.

… gain a thorough understanding of error rates, significance, power, etc.

… learn how to undertake a priori power calculations and sensitivity analysis.

… be able to critically assess scientific processes and findings.

Further information and the link to the registration form are available at:

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via e-mail (

I hope to see you in Innsbruck in July!

Kind regards,