Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 35(3)


Managing conflicts to improve the retail networks in China: replication research with extensions
Shu-Ching Chen [Google Scholar]

Warranty or education?: An analysis of marketing strategy choices for remanufactured products
Manman Wang, Sheng Ang, Feng Yang, Jian Song [Google Scholar]

Understanding the role of image, quality and price for developing prestigious mass brands
Balgopal Singh [Google Scholar]

An empirical study on repeat consumer’s shopping satisfaction on C2C e-commerce in Japan: the role of value, trust and engagement
Emi Moriuchi, Ikuo Takahashi [Google Scholar]

How special am I? Consumer responses to promotion individualization and notification exclusivity
Luri Lee, Donghoon Kim [Google Scholar]

Use of real-life imagery and words in luxury brand trademarks: a study of the trademark lawsuits involving the Polo/Lauren Company
Kwang-Hwee Cheng [Google Scholar]

Exploring consumer purchase intention in cross-border e-commerce: evidence from ‘belt and road’ countries
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Perceptions and desires of Chinese senior outbound tourists receiving travel support from adult children: a qualitative study
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Sustaining customer loyalty of fresh food e-tailers: an empirical study in China
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What motivates consumers to be in line with online shopping?: a systematic literature review and discussion of future research perspectives
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Consumer purchase intention of intangible cultural heritage products (ICHP): effects of cultural identity, consumer knowledge and manufacture type
Mengxia Zhang, Xixuan Guo, Xiaoling Guo, Alain Jolibert [Google Scholar]

Traditional media or social media? Corporate green media communication and consumer intention to cocreate green value in post-COVID-19 China
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Understanding customers’ stickiness of live streaming commerce platforms: an empirical study based on modified e-commerce system success model
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