Mar Strat Man


Marketing Strategy & Management, book by Diane M. Phillips


Chapter 1. Setting the Stage: The Purpose and Promise of Marketing
Chapter 2. Marketing Planning: Good Strategy Doesn’t Just Happen
Chapter 3. Reason-Based Strategic Decision-Making
Chapter 4. The Most Important Person: Prioritizing the Consumer Experience
Chapter 5. Leadership. Who Is Steering This Ship?
Chapter 6. Establishing and Strengthening a Strategic Competitive Advantage
Chapter 7. Target Markets: Identifying and Targeting those Individuals Most Likely
to Respond to the Marketing Strategy
Chapter 8. Product Strategies: Creating the Value Proposition
Chapter 9. Pricing Strategies: Signaling the Value Proposition
Chapter 10. Place Strategies: Delivering the Value Proposition
Chapter 11. Promotional Strategies: Advocating the Value Proposition
Chapter 12. Customer Relationship Management: Developing and Growing Customer Relationships
Chapter 13. Facilitating Successful Strategy Execution

Appendix 1 – Outline of Marketing Plan
Appendix 2 – Essentials of Marketing Analytics
Appendix 3 – Case Studies
1. Sugar-Free PEZ? What Will Kids Think?
2. Hyde Irish Whiskey: Neat or Rocky Road to New Markets?
3. The Savannah Bananas: Bringing Fun and Profit Back to Baseball
4. David and Goliath: The Evolution of a Strategic Partnership in Wine
5. Dear Tourists, Please Stop Walking Around in your Bikinis. Love, Venice
6. Coffee and Customer Loyalty at Wawa
7. Is “Making History” a Mission Impossible Task for Copa Airlines?
8. Pricing at the Panama Canal Causes Global Ripple Effects
9. Introducing the Blaa: Ireland’s Soon-to-be Most Famous Tiny Roll
10. Bugs in the Supply Chain: Growing the Edible Insect Market
11. Riding the Wave of the Natural Hair Movement: Brand Extension at Curls, LLC.
12. Emmi: How a Swiss Dairy Company Conquered the US Market
13. Building Brand Engagement: The Sydney Opera House is So Much More
than Top Hats and Tiaras
14. Can Champagne Become an Everyday Drink? Should It?