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How to be an impactful JAR author recording available


Author: Nanette Burns

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Webinar Recording: Be an Impactful JAR Author

Watch JAR Associate Editor M. Kim Saxton and Editorial Review Board member Angeline Close Scheinbaum (Best Reviewer 2019) lead this popular “How to Write Successful and Impactful JAR Articles” event. With Editor-in-Chief Colin Campbell moderating, Drs. Saxton and Close Scheinbaum offer engaging insight into crafting papers that are more likely to get reviewed and accepted, with tips for building your research framework, among them:

  • Design a study that has industry relevance (i.e. start with your managerial implications)
  • Are your industry recommendations realistic?
  • Use quality samples
  • Do manipulation checks: make sure your stimuli do what you say they’re going to do
  • Use real-life brands whenever possible but if you sign an NDA make sure there’s a clause that you can publish academically
  • Qualitative and quantitative research is welcome but if you mix the two make sure one supports the other
  • Choose an emerging area of research to make your paper stand out
  • Reviews of earlier methods are welcome but should show rigor and emphasize “what’s new”

Access the webinar here.

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