J Soc Mar


Journal of Social Marketing, 13(2)



Should I donate secondhand clothes? Cognitive, affective, and conative model during the COVID-19 pandemic
Muslim Amin, Halimin Herjanto [Google Scholar]

The role of country of origin image, brand image and eWOM in the intention to receive the Sinopharm vaccine
Davood Ghorbanzadeh, Muhammad Salman Shabbir [Google Scholar]

The impact of impression construction consumption on social identity: a study on Chinese female professionals
Dan Wang, Sigen Song, Fanny Fong Yee Chan, Linyan Feng [Google Scholar]

Bridging social marketing and technology in the disability field: an empirical study on the role of cybernetic avatar and social inclusion
Emi Moriuchi [Google Scholar]

Factors predicting pro-environmental behavior: the case of baby diapers
Novi Amelia, Harriman Samuel Saragih [Google Scholar]

Social action advertising: motivators and detractors in cause-oriented behaviors
Thomas Mueller [Google Scholar]

What drives citizens to get the COVID-19 vaccine? The integration of protection motivation theory and theory of planned behavior
Samar Rahi [Google Scholar]

Addiction or social need: towards a model to predict smoking cessation intentions
Muhammad Abid Saleem, Amar Shafiq, Hanan Afzal, Aisha Khalid, Ninh Nguyen [Google Scholar]

Effect of alcohol ad content regulations on young people: a multi-method study
Jacques Fran├žois Diouf, Sophie Lacoste-Badie, Olivier Droulers, Karine Gallopel-Morvan [Google Scholar]