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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 72



Do online peer reviews stimulate diners’ continued log-in behavior: Investigating the role of emotions in the O2O meal delivery apps context
Adnan Muhammad Shah, Amir Zaib Abbasi, Xiangbin Yan [Google Scholar]

What motivates users’ viewing and purchasing behavior motivations in live streaming: A stream-streamer-viewer perspective
Shiyong Zheng, Jiada Chen, Junyun Liao, Hsin-Li Hu [Google Scholar]

Trust me, I’m an influencer! – Causal recipes for customer trust in artificial intelligence influencers in the retail industry
Hassan Alboqami [Google Scholar]

Investigating older consumers’ acceptance factors of autonomous vehicles
Jein Park, Semi Han [Google Scholar]

The role of organizational justice and social interaction in mitigating the negative effects of high-performance member retailers on strategic integration
Jin Yong Park, Changju Kim [Google Scholar]

Personal values and impulse buying: The mediating role of hedonic shopping motivations
Filipe Coelho, Inês Aniceto, Cristela Maia Bairrada, Pedro Silva [Google Scholar]

Do you think that the home delivery is good for retailing?
Bikash Koli Dey, Mitali Sarkar, Kripasindhu Chaudhuri, Biswajit Sarkar [Google Scholar]

Collective-based ad transparency in targeted hotel advertising: Consumers’ regulatory focus underlying the crowd safety effect
Junjun Cheng, Bo Chen, Zihang Huang [Google Scholar]

An investigation of two remedial measures for retailers to address the impact of disease threat on sustainable consumption: A moderated moderated mediation model
Irene R.R. Lu, Ernest Kwan [Google Scholar]

Coping strategies and intended change of shopping habits after the Corona pandemic – Insights from two countries in Western and Eastern Europe
Stephan Zielke, Marcin Komor, Andrea Schlößer [Google Scholar]

Is algorithm aversion WEIRD? A cross-country comparison of individual-differences and algorithm aversion
Nicole Tsz Yeung Liu, Samuel N. Kirshner, Eric T.K. Lim [Google Scholar]

The role of time convenience and (anticipated) emotions in AR mobile retailing application adoption
Gaukhar Chekembayeva, Marion Garaus, Orsolya Schmidt [Google Scholar]

Hi, May AI help you? An analysis of the barriers impeding the implementation and use of artificial intelligence-enabled virtual assistants in retail
Sana Zehra Kamoonpuri, Anita Sengar [Google Scholar]

Requirement analysis and service optimization of multiple category fresh products in online retailing using importance-Kano analysis
Dianfeng Zhang, Zifan Shen, Yanlai Li [Google Scholar]

Adverse effect of social media on generation Z user’s behavior: Government information support as a moderating variable
Manu Sharma, Deepak Kaushal, Sudhanshu Joshi [Google Scholar]

Revenge buying after the lockdown: Based on the SOR framework and TPB model
Yanfeng Liu, Lanhui Cai, Fei Ma, Xueqin Wang [Google Scholar]

Exploring consumers’ usage intention of reusable express packaging: An extended norm activation model
Jiawen Song, Lanhui Cai, Kum Fai Yuen, Xueqin Wang [Google Scholar]

Effects of in-store live stream on consumers’ offline purchase intention
Peilin Zhang, Chih-Wei (Fred) Chao, Raymond Chiong, Najmul Hasan, Hussain M. Aljaroodi, Feng Tian [Google Scholar]

Came and gone? A longitudinal study of the effects of COVID-19 on tourism purchasing intentions
Nikolaos Pappas [Google Scholar]

Customer showrooming behavior, customer orientation, and emotional labor: Sales control as a moderator
Hyewon Park, Won-Moo Hur [Google Scholar]

The effect of place attachment of geographical indication agricultural products on repurchase intention
Lv Zhe, Wu Jie, He Yuan [Google Scholar]

Antecedents of mobile payment loyalty: An extended perspective of perceived value and information system success model
Junying Zhong, Tiao Chen [Google Scholar]

Critical insights of nano-based pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical products: Empirical evidence from the consumption values perspective
Choon Fu Goh, Chiau Ming Long, Nur Aisyah Humaira Fedelis, Halimaton Hamdan, Soo Cheng Chuah, Sook Fern Yeo, Cheng Ling Tan, Tin Wui Wong [Google Scholar]

Chatbots or me? Consumers’ switching between human agents and conversational agents
Chia-Ying Li, Jin-Ting Zhang [Google Scholar]

Retailers, don’t ignore me on social media! The importance of consumer-brand interactions in raising purchase intention – Privacy the Achilles heel
Anabel Gutierrez, Khanyapuss Punjaisri, Bhavini Desai, Sharifah Faridah Syed Alwi, Simon O’Leary, Wornchanok Chaiyasoonthorn, Singha Chaveesuk [Google Scholar]

The dark side of multiunit discounts: Multiunit discounts reduce rest of basket revenue
Siddharth Bhatt, Dinesh R. Pai, Devon DelVecchio [Google Scholar]

Exploring the factors that drive consumers to use contactless delivery services in the context of the continued COVID-19 pandemic
Yi Jiang, Po-Lin Lai, Ching-Chiao Yang, Xinchen Wang [Google Scholar]

Active or avoidance coping? Influencing mechanisms of streamers’ coping strategies on viewers’ word of mouth after livestreaming e-commerce failures
Jianyu Chen, Xiushuang Gong, Rui Ren [Google Scholar]

Does product involvement drive consumer flow state in the AR environment? A study on behavioural responses
Francesca Serravalle, Régine Vanheems, Milena Viassone [Google Scholar]

The new wave of AI-powered luxury brands online shopping experience: The role of digital multisensory cues and customers’ engagement
Muhammad Sabbir Rahman, Surajit Bag, Md Afnan Hossain, Fadi Abdel Muniem Abdel Fattah, Mohammad Osman Gani, Nripendra P. Rana [Google Scholar]

Reducing waste management challenges: Empirical assessment of waste sorting intention among corporate employees in Ghana
Gibbson Adu-Gyamfi, Ama Nyarko Asamoah, Emmanuel Nketiah, Bright Obuobi, Mavis Adjei, Dan Cudjoe, Bangzhu Zhu [Google Scholar]

Trauma’s effects on shopper choice confusion: The role of psychological hardiness and retailer strategies as mitigating factors
Stacie F. Waites, Jennifer L. Stevens, Tyler Hancock [Google Scholar]

Unraveling customer repurchase intention in OFDL context: An investigation using a hybrid technique of SEM and fsQCA
Nikhil Dogra, Mohd Adil, Mohd Sadiq, Ganesh Dash, Justin Paul [Google Scholar]

CSR attributions and the moderating effect of perceived CSR fit on consumer trust, identification, and loyalty
Jihye Min, Jiyoung Kim, Kiseol Yang [Google Scholar]

Empathy with influencers? The impact of the sensory advertising experience on user behavioral responses
Bin Li, Shuang Chen, Qi Zhou [Google Scholar]

The competing roles of variety seeking in new brand adoption
Ohjin Kwon, Tanya Singh, SunAh Kim [Google Scholar]

Determining influences of information irrelevance, information overload and communication overload on WeChat discontinuance intention: The moderating role of exhaustion
Hua Pang, Yang Ruan [Google Scholar]

The impact of buy-online-and-return-in-store channel integration on online and offline behavioral intentions: The role of offline store
Chaohong Xie, Chung-Yean Chiang, Xianhao Xu, Yeming Gong [Google Scholar]

Perceived customer care and privacy protection behavior: The mediating role of trust in self-disclosure
Nuria Rodríguez-Priego, Lucia Porcu, María Belén Prados Peña, Esmeralda Crespo Almendros [Google Scholar]

Understanding antecedents of continuance and revisit intentions: The case of sport apps
Javier Perez-Aranda, Eva M. González Robles, Pilar Alarcón Urbistondo [Google Scholar]

Understanding information disclosures and privacy sensitivity on short-form video platforms: An empirical investigation
Jin Li, Yulan Zhang, Jian Mou [Google Scholar]

Customer deviance in retailing: Managers’ emotional support and employees’ affective wellbeing
Kathrin Mayr, Christoph Teller [Google Scholar]

Accelerating new product diffusion: How lead users serve as opinion leaders in social networks
Nan Wang, Wenxuan Xie, Victor Tiberius, Yong Qiu [Google Scholar]

Where to internationalise and why: Country selection by restaurant franchises
Rafael González-Márquez, Isabel María Rosa-Díaz, Francisco Javier Caro-González, José Luis Galán-González [Google Scholar]

Social media user behavior analysis applied to the fashion and apparel industry in the big data era
Zhebin Xue, Qing Li, Xianyi Zeng [Google Scholar]

Memorable customer experiences and autobiographical memories: From service experience to word of mouth
Miguel A. Moliner-Tena, Diego Monferrer-Tirado, Marta Estrada-Guillen, Lidia Vidal-Meliá [Google Scholar]

Care management to improve retail customers’ and employees’ satisfaction
Francesco Raggiotto, Cristiana Compagno, Daniele Scarpi [Google Scholar]

Less is more! A pathway to consumer’s transcendence
Trang Thi-Thuy Duong, Liem Viet Ngo, Jiraporn Surachartkumtonkun, Mai Dong Tran, Gavin Northey [Google Scholar]

A cross-cultural investigation of the relationship between eco-innovation and customers boycott behaviour
Mansour Alyahya, Gomaa Agag, Meqbel Aliedan, Ziad H. Abdelmoety [Google Scholar]

Review reader segmentation based on the heterogeneous impacts of review and reviewer attributes on review helpfulness: A study involving ZIP code data
Iman Raoofpanah, César Zamudio, Christopher Groening [Google Scholar]