J Mar Analytics


Journal of Marketing Analytics, 11(1)




Mapping 2022 in Journal of Marketing Analytics: what lies ahead?
Maria Petrescu, Anjala S. Krishen [Google Scholar]

The influence of the number of brand community memberships on customer centric measures
Matti J. Haverila, Kai Haverila, Caitlin McLaughlin, Mehak Arora [Google Scholar]

A moderation of business misdeeds on corporate remedy strategies
Lei Huang [Google Scholar]

Is suggestive selling effective in increasing sales? Investigating its role in store promotion strategy using retail chain data from the U.S.
Dinesh Ramdas Pai, Siddharth Bhatt [Google Scholar]

The influence of storytelling on the consumer–brand relationship experience
Cátia Fernandes Crespo, Alcina Gaspar Ferreira, Ricardo Moita Cardoso [Google Scholar]

Does brand love lead to brand addiction?
Minh T. H. Le [Google Scholar]

Understanding consumer engagement in online brand communities: An application of self-expansion theory
M. Sadiq Sohail [Google Scholar]

Assessing the effects of COVID-19-related risk on online shopping behavior
João Coelho Soares, Ricardo Limongi, João Henriques De Sousa Júnior, Weverson Soares Santos, Michele Raasch, Lenoir Hoeckesfeld [Google Scholar]

Branding in the eye of the storm: the impact of brand ethical behavior on brand commitment during the COVID-19 crisis in a South American country
Jose Ribamar Siqueira Junior, Enrique ter Horst, German Molina, Laura H. Gunn, Felipe Reinoso-Carvalho, Burcu Sezen, Nathalie Peña-García [Google Scholar]