J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 183(2)




Virtual Special Issue on Corporate Governance and Ethics: What’s Next?
Jeroen Veldman, Tanusree Jain, Christian Hauser [Google Scholar]

Theorizing Discursive Resistance to Organizational Ethics of Care Through a Multi-stakeholder Perspective on Disability Inclusion Practices
Eline Jammaers [Google Scholar]

Women Leadership, Culture, and Islam: Female Voices from Jordan
Tamer Koburtay, Tala Abuhussein, Yusuf M. Sidani [Google Scholar]

Auditor Independence in Kinship Economies: A MacIntyrian Perspective
Erica Pimentel, Cédric Lesage, Soraya Bel Hadj Ali [Google Scholar]

Becoming a Fraternal Organization: Insights from the Encyclical Fratelli Tutti
Ricardo Zózimo, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Arménio Rego [Google Scholar]

The Role of Share Repurchases for Firms’ Social and Environmental Sustainability
Mario Vaupel, David Bendig, Denise Fischer-Kreer, Malte Brettel [Google Scholar]

Reciprocity in Firm–Stakeholder Dialog: Timeliness, Valence, Richness, and Topicality
Lite J. Nartey, Witold J. Henisz, Sinziana Dorobantu [Google Scholar]

Peer Reaction to Manager Stewardship Behavior: Crediting or Stigmatizing the Behavior?
Yongjun Kang, Jian Peng, Qi Nie [Google Scholar]

Stealing Time on the Company’s Dime: Examining the Indirect Effect of Laissez-Faire Leadership on Employee Time Theft
Biyun Hu, Crystal M. Harold, Dayoung Kim [Google Scholar]

How Leaders Influence (un)Ethical Behaviors Within Organizations: A Laboratory Experiment on Reporting Choices
Mario Daniele Amore, Orsola Garofalo, Alice Guerra [Google Scholar]

Unethical Leadership: Review, Synthesis and Directions for Future Research
Sharfa Hassan, Puneet Kaur, Michael Muchiri, Chidiebere Ogbonnaya, Amandeep Dhir [Google Scholar]

Impact of Directors’ Network on Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: Evidence from China
Wenqin Li, John Ziyang Zhang, Rong Ding [Google Scholar]

Substance Abuse and Workplace Fraud: Evidence from Physicians
Melanie Millar, Roger M. White, Xin Zheng [Google Scholar]

Navigating the Ethically Complex and Controversial World of College Athletics: A Humanistic Leadership Approach to Student Athlete Well-Being
Jay L. Caulfield, Felissa K. Lee, Catharyn A. Baird [Google Scholar]

Ethical Orientation and Research Misconduct Among Business Researchers Under the Condition of Autonomy and Competition
Matthias Fink, Johannes Gartner, Rainer Harms, Isabella Hatak [Google Scholar]