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Author: Shrihari (Hari) Sridhar

Journal of Marketing News, February 2023

New Paradigms for a New World: Special Issue Open and Special Session Planned

The Journal of Marketing editors hosted two special sessions related to the Special Issue on New Paradigms for a New World on February 11, 2023, at the 2023 Winter AMA Academic Conference. The two special sessions involved 16 world-leading thought leaders who provided their expert perspectives on four different aspects of marketing scholarship that are undergoing transformational change. The session received tremendous reception with over 300 cumulative attendees. To spur more thought and engagement, we have posted short videos pertaining to each of the thought leaders’ perspectives on our website.

Note that the manuscript window for the Journal of Marketing Special Issue on New Paradigms for a New World is now open. All papers submitted to the Special Issue will go through the regular Journal of Marketing review process led by the current JM editors.

Upcoming Reviewer Workshop at EMAC 2023 and Future JM Reviewer Workshops

 Journal of Marketing, in collaboration with IJRM – International Journal of Research in Marketing, will host a reviewer workshop on Tuesday, May 23, at the 2023 European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Conference in Odense, Denmark.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to get acquainted with how to write fair, thorough, and constructive reviews. The workshop will involve interactive, small group learning experiences aimed at demystifying the process of writing a constructive review that identifies the key strengths and weaknesses of a paper, and how it might be improved. Click here to learn more about the initiative.

The workshop has received a wonderful response, with over 75 registrants and 30 faculty who are from the AE/ERB community of JM willing to serve as facilitators. We look forward to the workshop in May, and given the great reception, we plan to host one more workshop at the 2024 AMA Winter Academic Conference.

Recently Accepted Papers Forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing: Visit for a full list

Does Bad Medical News Reduce Preferences for Generic Drugs?
Manuel Hermosilla, Andrew T. Ching

The Effectiveness of Membership-based Free Shipping: An Empirical Investigation on Consumers’ Purchase Behaviors and Revenue Contribution
Fangfei Guo, Yan Liu

The Past and Future of Gender Research in Marketing: Paradigms, Stances, and Value-Based Commitments
Lisa Peñaloza, Andrea Prothero, Pierre McDonagh, Kathrynn Pounders

Creating Effective Marketing Messages Through Moderately Surprising Syntax
Selin Atalay, Siham El Kihal, Florian Ellsaesser

What Holds Attention? Linguistic Drivers of Engagement
Jonah Berger, Wendy W. Moe, David A. Schweidel

Give Me the Facts or Make Me Feel: How to Effectively Persuade Consumers to Act on a Collective Goal
Liyin Jin, Yajin Wang, Ying Zhang

A War on Sugar? Effects of Reduced Sugar Content and Package Size in the Soda Category
Kristopher O. Keller, Jonne Y. Guyt

The Role of Advertising in High-Tech Medical Procedures: Evidence from Robotic Surgeries
Tae Jung Yoon, TI Tongil Kim

Beyond Income: Dynamic Consumer Financial Vulnerability
Linda Court Salisbury, Gergana Y. Nenkov, Simon J. Blanchard, Ronald Paul Hill, Alexander L. Brown, Kelly D. Martin

A Theory of Product-Form Strategy: When to Market Know-how, Components, or Systems?
Kellilynn M. Frias, Mrinal Ghosh, Narayan Janakiraman, Dale F. Duhan, Robert F. Lusch

Understanding Customer Participation Dynamics: The Case of the Subscription Box
Nita Umashankar, Kihyun Hannah Kim, Thomas Reutterer

Enhancing Donor Agency to Improve Charitable Giving: Strategies and Heterogeneity
Emilie Esterzon, Aurélie Lemmens, Bram Van den Bergh

Journal of Marketing Articles in the News

Forbes, “How To Create Accountability For Brand-Building Investments” (draws on this article by Natalie Mizik and Robert Jacobson)

MIT Sloan Management Review, “Smart Product Breakthroughs Depend on Customer Control” (mentions this article by Stefano Puntoni, Rebecca Walker Reczek, Markus Giesler, and Simona Botti)

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