J Man


Journal of Management, 49(4)


Who’s in the Driver’s Seat? Exploring Firm-Level vs. CEO-Level Effects on Problemistic Search
Songcui Hu, Richard J. Gentry, Timothy J. Quigley, and Steven Boivie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Media Coverage of Earnings Announcements: How Newsworthiness Shapes Media Volume and Tone
Abbie Griffith Oliver, Robert Campbell, Scott Graffin, and Jonathan Bundy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceived Benefits and Costs of Empowerment: Conceptualization, Measure Development, and Its Impact on Empowering Leadership
Soojung Han, Crystal M. Harold, Joseph K. Kim, and Ryan M. Vogel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Is Less More? Boundary Conditions of Effective Entrepreneurial Bricolage
Paul Richard Steffens, Ted Baker, Per Davidsson, and Julienne Marie Senyard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Setting the Stage for Success: How Participation Diversity Can Help Teams Leverage Racioethnic Diversity
Derek R. Avery, Lauren A. Rhue, and Patrick F. McKay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Faults and Faultlines: The Effects of Board Faultlines on CEO Dismissal
Taekjin Shin and Jihae You [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does an Employee-Experienced Crisis Help or Hinder Creativity? An Integration of Threat-Rigidity and Implicit Theories
Inseong Jeong, Yaping Gong, and Bijuan Zhong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Interplay Between Supplier-Specific Investments and Supplier Dependence: Do Two Pluses Make a Minus?
Niels J. Pulles, Chris Ellegaard, and Jasper Veldman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Addressing Endogeneity Without Instrumental Variables: An Evaluation of the Gaussian Copula Approach for Management Research
Christine Eckert and Jan Hohberger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]