J Econ Psych


Journal of Economic Psychology, 95



The unintended consequences of confinement: Evidence from the rural area in Guatemala
Jose Gabriel Castillo, Manuel A. Hernandez [Google Scholar]

‘One Bite at the apple’: Legislative bargaining without replacement
Duk Gyoo Kim [Google Scholar]

Brief Report

The stability of self-control in a population-representative study
Deborah A. Cobb-Clark, Nancy Kong, Hannah Schildberg-Hörisch [Google Scholar]

Locus of control and other-regarding behavior: Experimental evidence from a large heterogeneous sample
Valeria Fanghella, Corinne Faure, Marie-Charlotte Guetlein, Joachim Schleich [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

A review of “Nudged into lockdown: Behavioral economics, uncertainty and Covid-19”.
Jeremy Clark

Book Review of: Maurizio Pugno, Well-being and Growth in Advanced Economies: The Need to Prioritise Human Development, London and New York: Routledge, 2023, pp.114, £35.99 (Hardback) ISBN 9781032149059.
Stavros A. Drakopoulos

Special issues

Cognition and economic behavior. Edited by: Johannes Lohse, Rima-Maria Rahal, Andis Sofianos, Michael Schulte-Mecklenbeck and Conny Wollbrant

Impulsiveness moderates the effects of exogenous attention on the sensitivity to gains and losses in risky lotteries
Alejandro Hirmas, Jan B. Engelmann [Google Scholar]

Special issues

Strategic Behavior and Bargaining Process. Edited by: Gary E. Bolton and Emin Karagözoğlu

Take-it-or-leave-it offers in negotiations: Behavioral types and endogenous deadlines
Selçuk Özyurt [Google Scholar]

Multilateral bargaining with subjective claims under majority vs. unanimity rule: An experiment
Anna Merkel, Christoph Vanberg [Google Scholar]

Choosing an electoral rule: Values and self-interest in the lab
Damien Bol, André Blais, Maxime Coulombe, Jean-François Laslier, Jean-Benoit Pilet [Google Scholar]

Strategic uncertainty aversion in bargaining — Experimental evidence
Ben Greiner [Google Scholar]

Experimental analysis of impatience in bilateral and multilateral negotiations
Nathaniel A. Burns, Cary A. Deck, Charles J. Thomas [Google Scholar]