Intl Mar Rev


International Marketing Review, 40(1)


Special issue: Global Branding Management in a Rapidly Changing Environment

Guest editors: Cheng Lu Wang, Jiaxun He

Guest editorial: Global branding management in a rapidly changing environment
Cheng Lu Wang, Jiaxun He [Google Scholar]

The dual impetus for perceived brand globalness and brand competence in a rapidly changing environment: the role of Brand-Nation Connection
Jiaxun He, Jiaye Ge [Google Scholar]

Impact of nation brand experience on nation brand loyalty, and positive WOM in a changing environment: the role of nation brand love
Rohit Yadav, Justin Paul, Amit Mittal [Google Scholar]

Is brand globalness compatible with brand country-of-origin? An investigation of hybrid brand positioning strategies for emerging market brands
Ruiyang Hong, Zhe Zhang, Chun Zhang, Zuohao Hu [Google Scholar]

Gaining legitimacy and host market acceptance: a CRM analysis for foreign subsidiaries in China
Kineta Hung, David K. Tse, Terri H. Chan [Google Scholar]

Developing strategies for international celebrity branding: a comparative analysis between Western and South Asian cultures
Zahra Shah, Hossein Olya, Lien Le Monkhouse [Google Scholar]

The role of advertising, distribution intensity and store image in achieving global brand loyalty in an emerging market
Le Dang Lang, Abhishek Behl, Francisco Guzmán, Vijay Pereira, Manlio Del Giudice [Google Scholar]

Demystifying the evaluation of brands endorsed by religious leaders in the emerging markets
Denni Arli, Narain Gupta, Deepak Sardana, Piyush Sharma [Google Scholar]

The impact of dialectical thinking on androgynous brand equity across cultures: the moderating role of brand positioning
Alberto Bravo Velázquez, Haiming Hang, Shengnan Ren [Google Scholar]