J Vacation Mar


Journal of Vacation Marketing, 29(1)


The Use of Mobile Applications for Travel Booking: Impacts of Application Quality and Brand Trust
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Risk to self: Self-congruity in cruise decision-making
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Educational travellers and destination appeal: Deconstructing intrinsic motivations
Brian King, Catherine Lejealle, and Jean Michel Chapuis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A touristic tale of four cities on instagram
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Choosing the Optimal Segmentation Technique to Understand Tourist Behaviour
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Exploring impacts of AR on group package tours: Destination image, perceived certainty, and experiential value
Seng-Su Tsang, Chin Kuo, Tung-Kuang Hu, and Wen-Cheng Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A netnography approach on the daily local-guided shopping tour experiences of travellers: An unexplored facet of the sharing economy
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Is VR always better for destination marketing? Comparing different media and styles
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Creating effective visuals for destination marketing videos: Scenery vs people
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