J Services Mar


Journal of Services Marketing, 37(2)



Viewpoint: designing transformative service to overcome eudaimonic-hedonic outcome conflict
Adam Nguyen [Google Scholar]

Refugee awareness of a transformative intervention to increase blood donations
Michael Jay Polonsky, Ahmed Ferdous, Nichola Robertson, Sandra Jones, Andre Renzaho, Joanne Telenta [Google Scholar]

The impact of value co-creation in sustainable services: understanding generational differences
Mariia Bordian, Irene Gil-Saura, Maja Šerić [Google Scholar]

Service amid crisis: the role of supervisor humor and discretionary organizational support
Rebecca M. Guidice, Jessica Mesmer-Magnus, Donald C. Barnes, Lisa L. Scribner [Google Scholar]

A transformative and social marketing ecosystem investigation into drug use among young adults
Aimee Riedel, Amanda Beatson, Rory Mulcahy, Byron Keating [Google Scholar]

From service to social innovation with a service-dominant logic approach
Andrés Barrios, Sonia Camacho, Catalina Estrada-Mejia [Google Scholar]

The impact of eudaimonic well-being on experience and loyalty: a tourism context
Nour Salah Al-okaily, Nidal Alzboun, Ziad Alrawadieh, Muna Slehat [Google Scholar]

Marketing inclusive banking services to financially vulnerable consumers: a service design approach
Isaac Ofori-Okyere, Farag Edghiem, Seyram Pearl Kumah [Google Scholar]

Understanding how mindfulness sustains customer cocreation effort and transforms service value to well-being
Nguyen-Hau Le, My-Quyen Thi Mai, Tram-Anh Pham [Google Scholar]