J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology General, 152(2)



Revisiting the automaticity of reading: Electrophysiological recordings show that stroop words capture spatial attention
Lowery, Andrew; McDonald, John J. [Google Scholar]

Gender relativism: How context shapes what is seen as male and female
Martin, Ashley E. [Google Scholar]

Designing and detecting lies by reasoning about other agents
Oey, Lauren A.; Schachner, Adena; Vul, Edward [Google Scholar]

Visual statistical learning based on time information
Otsuka, Sachio [Google Scholar]

Is status a zero-sum game? Zero-sum beliefs increase people’s preference for dominance but not prestige
Andrews-Fearon, Patricia; Davidai, Shai [Google Scholar]

When an irresistible prejudice meets immovable politics: Black legal gun ownership undermines racially resentful White Americans’ gun rights advocacy
Higginbotham, Gerald D.; Sears, David O.; Goldstein, Lauren [Google Scholar]

Gaze behavior as a visual cue to animacy
Palmer, Colin J.; Kim, Peter; Clifford, Colin W. G. [Google Scholar]

Did it move? Humans use spatio-temporal landmark permanency efficiently for navigation
Roy, Charlotte; Wiebusch, Dennis; Botsch, Mario; Ernst, Marc O. [Google Scholar]

Curiosity: The effects of feedback and confidence on the desire to know
Metcalfe, Janet; Vuorre, Matti; Towner, Emily; Eich, Teal S. [Google Scholar]

On the set of emotions with facial signals
Kollareth, Dolichan; Durán, Juan I.; Ma, Yiran; Pierce, Kelly S.; Brownell, Hiram; Russell, James A. [Google Scholar]

A goal-directed account of action slips: The reliance on old contingencies
Buabang, Eike K.; Köster, Massimo; Boddez, Yannick; Van Dessel, Pieter; De Houwer, Jan; Moors, Agnes [Google Scholar]

Where word and world meet: Language and vision share an abstract representation of symmetry
Hafri, Alon; Gleitman, Lila R.; Landau, Barbara; Trueswell, John C. [Google Scholar]

Predictions and choices for others: Some insights into how and why they differ
Smith, Stephanie M.; Krajbich, Ian [Google Scholar]

On the relationship between tip-of-the-tongue states and partial recollective experience: Illusory partial recollective access during tip-of-the-tongue states
Huebert, Andrew M.; McNeely-White, Katherine L.; Cleary, Anne M. [Google Scholar]

Does constructing a belief distribution truly reduce overconfidence?
Hu, Beidi; Simmons, Joseph P. [Google Scholar]

Self-transcendence or self-enhancement: People’s perceptions of meaning and happiness in relation to the self
Huang, Mengdi; Yang, Fan [Google Scholar]