Strat Man J


Strategic Management Journal, 44(3)


Does imitation increase or decrease demand for an original product? Understanding the opposing effects of discovery and substitution
Erdem Dogukan Yilmaz, Ivana Naumovska, Milan Miric [Google Scholar]

The effects of CEO activism: Partisan consumer behavior and its duration
Young Hou, Christopher W. Poliquin [Google Scholar]

Peering into a crystal ball: Forecasting behavior and industry foresight
Rahul Kapoor, Daniel Wilde [Google Scholar]

Going beyond optimal distinctiveness: Strategic positioning for gaining an audience composition premium
Majid Majzoubi, Eric Yanfei Zhao [Google Scholar]

Collaborations that hurt firm performance but help employees’ careers
Henning Piezunka, Thorsten Grohsjean [Google Scholar]

Precarious situations: A prelude to hiring more hubristic chief executive officers
Aaron D. Hill, Tessa Recendes, Yuting Yang [Google Scholar]

The future of the web? The coordination and early‐stage growth of decentralized platforms
Ying-Ying Hsieh, Jean-Philippe Vergne [Google Scholar]

Revisiting managerial “style”: The replicability and falsifiability of manager fixed effects for firm policies
Victor Esteban Jarosiewicz, David Gaddis Ross [Google Scholar]

Academic stars and licensing experience in university technology commercialization
David H. Hsu, Jeffrey M. Kuhn [Google Scholar]