J Services Mar


Journal of Services Marketing, 37(1)



Special issue: Interdisciplinary Research in Services Marketing

Guest editors: Michael Christofi, Olga Kvasova, Elias Hadjielias

Editorial: Interdisciplinary research in services marketing
Michael Christofi, Olga Kvasova, Elias Hadjielias [Google Scholar]

Co-creating value and well-being experiences in physiotherapy services
Agnieszka Chwialkowska, Waheed Akbar Bhatti, Ahmad Arslan, Mario Glowik [Google Scholar]

Can Alexa serve customers better? AI-driven voice assistant service interactions
Suresh Malodia, Alberto Ferraris, Mototaka Sakashita, Amandeep Dhir, Beata Gavurova [Google Scholar]

The effects of influencer endorsement services on crowdfunding campaigns
Augusto Bargoni, Chiara Giachino, Enrico Battisti, Lea Iaia [Google Scholar]

Does language shape the mind? Linguistic fluency and perception of service quality
Jong Min Kim, Sungjun (Steven) Park [Google Scholar]

To share or not to share screens with customers? Lessons from learning theories
Yonathan Silvain Roten, Regine Vanheems [Google Scholar]

The impact of service climate on gratitude in driving customer outcomes
Ji Miracle Qi, Yi Peng, Graham H. Lowman, Xingliang He [Google Scholar]

Utilitarian motivations to engage with travel websites: an interactive technology adoption model
Mark Anthony Camilleri, Metin Kozak [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and consequences of consumer hope for digital payment apps services
Dhananjay Bapat, Rahul Khandelwal [Google Scholar]