J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology General, 152(1)



Inaugural editorial.
Brown-Schmidt, Sarah [Google Scholar]

Algorithmic discrimination causes less moral outrage than human discrimination.
Bigman, Yochanan E.; Wilson, Desman; Arnestad, Mads N.; Waytz, Adam; Gray, Kurt [Google Scholar]

Are the contributions of processing experience and prior beliefs to confidence ratings domain-general or domain-specific?
Hu, Xiao; Yang, Chunliang; Luo, Liang [Google Scholar]

People express more bias in their predictions than in their likelihood judgments.
Park, Inkyung; Windschitl, Paul D.; Miller, Jane E.; Smith, Andrew R.; Stuart, Jillian O’Rourke; Biangmano, Mark [Google Scholar]

The moralization of effort.
Celniker, Jared B.; Gregory, Andrew; Koo, Hyunjin J.; Piff, Paul K.; Ditto, Peter H.; Shariff, Azim F [Google Scholar]

Science beliefs, political ideology, and cognitive sophistication.
Pennycook, Gordon; Bago, Bence; McPhetres, Jonathon [Google Scholar]

A sheep in wolf’s clothing? Toward an understanding of the religious dones.
Van Tongeren, Daryl R.; DeWall, C. Nathan; Van Cappellen, Patty [Google Scholar]

Mental control and attributions of blame for negligent wrongdoing.
Murray, Samuel; Krasich, Kristina; Irving, Zachary; Nadelhoffer, Thomas; De Brigard, Felipe [Google Scholar]

Abnormal evidence accumulation underlies the positive memory deficit in depression.
Cataldo, Andrea M.; Scheuer, Luke; Maksimovskiy, Arkadiy L.; Germine, Laura T.; Dillon, Daniel G [Google Scholar]

Bilingualism caught in a net: A new approach to understanding the complexity of bilingual experience.
Kałamała, Patrycja; Chuderski, Adam; Szewczyk, Jakub; Senderecka, Magdalena; Wodniecka, Zofia [Google Scholar]

Value-based routing of delayed intentions into brain-based versus external memory stores.
Dupont, Dawa; Zhu, Qianmeng; Gilbert, Sam J [Google Scholar]

Are eye movements and EEG on the same page?: A coregistration study on parafoveal preview and lexical frequency.
Milligan, Sara; Antúnez, Martín; Barber, Horacio A.; Schotter, Elizabeth R [Google Scholar]

Is purity a distinct and homogeneous domain in moral psychology?
Kollareth, Dolichan; Brownell, Hiram; Durán, Juan Ignacio; Russell, James A [Google Scholar]

A little good goes an unexpectedly long way: Underestimating the positive impact of kindness on recipients.
Kumar, Amit; Epley, Nicholas [Google Scholar]

Message self and social relevance increases intentions to share content: Correlational and causal evidence from six studies.
Cosme, Danielle; Scholz, Christin; Chan, Hang-Yee; Doré, Bruce P.; Pandey, Prateekshit; Carreras-Tartak, José; Cooper, Nicole; Paul, Alexandra; Burns, Shannon M.; Falk, Emily B [Google Scholar]

Intent matters: Resolving the intentional versus incidental learning paradox in episodic long-term memory.
Popov, Vencislav; Dames, Hannah [Google Scholar]

The role of intentionality in memory and learning: Comments on Popov and Dames (2022).
Craik, Fergus I. M [Google Scholar]