J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 182(4)



Thematic Symposium: Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ Reporting, Accountability and Integrity (articles 1-5)


Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ Data and the Urgent Need for a Science-Led Just Transition: Introduction to a Thematic Symposium
Timo Busch, Charles H. Cho, Andreas G. F. Hoepner, Giovanna Michelon, Joeri Rogelj [Google Scholar]

Foreign Institutional Investors, Legal Origin, and Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Disclosure
Simon Döring, Wolfgang Drobetz, Sadok El Ghoul, Omrane Guedhami, Henning Schröder [Google Scholar]

Building Eco-friendly Corporations: The Role of Minority Shareholders
Shouyu Yao, Yuying Pan, Lu Wang, Ahmet Sensoy, Feiyang Cheng [Google Scholar]

Carbon Emissions and TCFD Aligned Climate-Related Information Disclosures
Dong Ding, Bin Liu, Millicent Chang [Google Scholar]

Accounting Standard-Setting for an Emission Trading Scheme: The Korean Case
Tae Hee Kim, Sun Hye Lee, Petros Vourvachis [Google Scholar]

Shared Responsibility and Labor Rights in Global Supply Chains
Yossi Dahan, Hanna Lerner, Faina Milman-Sivan [Google Scholar]

What Mutual Assistance Is, and What It Could Be in the Contemporary World
Federica Nalli [Google Scholar]

Building Ethical Narratives: The Audiences for AICPA Editorials
Dean Neu, Gregory D. Saxton [Google Scholar]

How to Evaluate Managerial Nudges
Grant J. Rozeboom [Google Scholar]

Markets Within the Limit of Feasibility
Kenneth Silver [Google Scholar]

Disentangling Crowdfunding from Fraudfunding
Douglas Cumming, Lars Hornuf, Moein Karami, Denis Schweizer [Google Scholar]

Vanishing Boycott Impetus: Why and How Consumer Participation in a Boycott Decreases Over Time
Wassili Lasarov, Stefan Hoffmann, Ulrich Orth [Google Scholar]

Mobilizing After Corporate Environmental Irresponsibility in a Community of Place: A Framing Microprocess Perspective
Valeria Cavotta, Guido Palazzo, Antonino Vaccaro [Google Scholar]

Does CEO Risk-Aversion Affect Carbon Emission?
Ashrafee Hossain, Samir Saadi, Abu S. Amin [Google Scholar]