Intl J Con Studies


International Journal of Consumer Studies, 47(2)


Online shopping cart abandonment: A review and research agenda
Siqi Wang, Jun-Hwa Cheah, Xin-Jean Lim [Google Scholar]

Give your hunger a new option: Understanding consumers’ continuous intention to use online food delivery apps using trust transfer theory
Aleem Raza, Muhammad Asif, Mubasher Akram [Google Scholar]

The effectiveness of information interventions to improve domestic food safety among rural consumers
Meng Zhang, Xi Lu, Junfei Bai [Google Scholar]

I’ll have what she’s having: (Social) Perceptions of default options and implications for marketing and decision making
Tonya M. Buchanan, Joshua Buchanan, Dené Diedericks, Logan Davis [Google Scholar]

Social media adoption behaviour: Consumer innovativeness and participation intention
Shampy Kamboj, Manika Sharma [Google Scholar]

The influence of chatbot humour on consumer evaluations of services
Hyunju Shin, Isabella Bunosso, Lindsay R. Levine [Google Scholar]

Predicting the antecedents of consumers’ intention toward purchase of mutual funds: A hybrid PLS‐SEM‐neural network approach
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Consumers under pandemic anxiety: Suppressors, intensifiers, and resilients
Banwari Mittal [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and consequences of brand attachment: A literature review and research agenda
Jane Hemsley-Brown [Google Scholar]

Cultural influences on future transportation technology usage: The role of personal innovativeness, technology anxiety and desire
Michael Adu Kwarteng, Alex Ntsiful, Christian Nedu Osakwe, Abdul Bashiru Jibril, Miloslava Chovancova [Google Scholar]

Impact of empathy with nature on pro‐environmental behaviour
Litong Wang, Guanghua Sheng, Shengxiang She, Jiaqi Xu [Google Scholar]

Multifunctional risk in the adoption of innovative technological products
Patrícia Leite da Silva Scatulino, Emílio José Montero Arruda Filho [Google Scholar]

Loving my local business as my neighbor: Religiosity’s influence on local business support during a crisis
Elizabeth A. Minton, Frank G. Cabano [Google Scholar]

Consumer financial information processing: An integrated approach to examine individual differences
Lu Fan [Google Scholar]

Proposal and validation of a financial protection perception scale
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What does luxury really mean to millennial consumers?
Kelcie Slaton, Jessica L. Hurst [Google Scholar]

The effect of utilitarian and hedonic motivations on mobile shopping outcomes. A cross‐cultural analysis
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Consumer biases in the perception of organizational greed
Luis Arango, Stephen Pragasam Singaraju, Outi Niininen, Clare D’Souza [Google Scholar]

Quality financial inclusion and financial vulnerability
Kudakwashe Joshua Chipunza, Ashenafi Beyene Fanta [Google Scholar]

It’s ok to think in a bad way: How state optimism and pessimism influence risk‐taking
Cony M. Ho, Robert S. Wyer Jr. [Google Scholar]