Euro J Mar


European Journal of Marketing, 57(2)


Special issue: Value-Creating Sales: The Role of Digital Technologies

Guest editors: Roland Kassemeier, Sascha Alavi, Johannes Habel, Christian Schmitz, Jan Wieseke

Guest editorial: Value-creating sales and digital technologies
Roland Kassemeier, Sascha Alavi, Johannes Habel, Christian Schmitz, Jan Wieseke [Google Scholar]

When and how information and communication technology orientation affects salespeople’s role stress: the interplay of salesperson characteristics and environmental complexity
Victoria Kramer, Manfred Krafft [Google Scholar]

The impact of business-to-business salespeople’s social media use on value co-creation and cross/up-selling: the role of social capital
Omar S. Itani, Vishag Badrinarayanan, Deva Rangarajan [Google Scholar]

Charting value creation strategies B2B salespeople use throughout the sales process: learning from social media influencers
Zixuan Cheng, Kirk Plangger, Feng Cai, Colin L. Campbell, Leyland Pitt [Google Scholar]

The relationship between digital solution selling and value-based selling: a motivation-opportunity-ability (MOA) perspective
Paolo Guenzi, Edwin J. Nijssen [Google Scholar]

Sales manager encouragement behavior in value-centered business models
Clara Hoffmann, Sascha Alavi, Christian Schmitz [Google Scholar]

Engaging the sales force in digital solution selling: how sales control systems resolve agency problems to create and capture superior value
Christoph Tienken, Moritz Classen, Thomas Friedli [Google Scholar]

Digital technology usage as a driver of servitization paths in manufacturing industries
Lisa Katharina Harrmann, Andreas Eggert, Eva Böhm [Google Scholar]

Towards better interaction between salespeople and consumers: the role of virtual recommendation agent
Sihem Ben Saad, Fatma Choura [Google Scholar]