Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 35(2)


Exploring relationship among semiotic product packaging, brand experience dimensions, brand trust and purchase intentions in an Asian emerging market
Mahima Shukla, Richa Misra, Deepak Singh [Google Scholar]

Factors affecting the smallholder farmers’ participation in the emerging modern supply chain in developing countries
Diwakar KC, Robin E. Roberts, Sara Quach [Google Scholar]

Supply chain insights from social media users’ responses to panic buying during COVID-19: the herd mentality
Violetta Wilk, Saiyidi Mat Roni, Ferry Jie [Google Scholar]

Analyzing competitive market structures based on online consumer-generated content and sales data
Eugene J. S. Won, Yun Kyung Oh, Joon Yeon Choeh [Google Scholar]

Why are college sports tourists traveling long distance? Antecedents of destination and team loyalty
Jae Han Min, Hyo Jung Chang, Deborah Fowler, Shane Blum [Google Scholar]

A method of customer valuation score and implementation for marketing strategy
Li Huang, Matthew Tingchi Liu, Xi Song, Jerome Yen [Google Scholar]

Relationship outcomes following a service failure: the role of agent likability
Alexandru Radu, Sara Quach, Park Thaichon, Jiraporn Surachartkumtonkun, Scott Weaven [Google Scholar]

Profiling the online premium brand consumers based on their fashion orientation
Neena Sondhi, Rituparna Basu [Google Scholar]

Factors influencing parasocial relationship in the virtual reality shopping environment: the moderating role of celebrity endorser dynamism
Chunlin Yuan, Shuman Wang, Yue Liu, Jenny Weichen Ma [Google Scholar]

Ecological consciousness and sustainable purchase behavior: the mediating role of psychological ownership
Sita Mishra, Gunjan Malhotra, Ravi Chatterjee, Waheed Kareem Abdul [Google Scholar]

Predicting SMEs performance through green supply chain practices: a mediation model link of business process performance
Zulqurnain Ali [Google Scholar]

Leveraging personalization and customization affordances of virtual try-on apps for a new model in apparel m-shopping
Letwin Tawira, Alex Ivanov [Google Scholar]

Mobile marketing interface layout attributes that affect user aesthetic preference: an eye-tracking study
Liang Xiao, Shu Wang [Google Scholar]