Applied Mar Analytics


Applied Marketing Analytics, 8(3)


Special Issue: Innovative Methods to Measure Digital Marketing Analytics: Part 2
Reyes-Menéndez, Ana; Ruiz-Lacaci, Nuria; Palos-Sánchez, Pedro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing performance measurement: A model of organisational and behavioural factors
da Gama, António Pimenta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How eye tracking can predict consumer behaviour preferences on mobile devices
Reyes-Menéndez, Ana; Žiaran, Pavel; Antolín-Prieto, Rebeca; Ruiz-Lacaci, Nuria [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The voice era: Future acceptance of digital voice assistants and how they will transform consumers’ online purchasing behaviour
Muñoz, Niko; Kremer, Bianca A. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowing the levers to pull to measure and optimise digital marketing performance
Russo, Emma Lo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A regional comparison of the skills sought by employers for entry-level marketing analytics professionals
Stanton, Angela D’Auria; Stanton, Wilbur W. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Integrating datasets: Segmenting the fashion market using risk aversion
Block, Martin Paul [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Data-driven influencer marketing strategy analysis and prediction based on social media and Google Analytics data
Purba, Kristo Radion; Tan, Yee Jia [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing Metrics
Robbins, Stewart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]