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Palgrave Handbook of Interactive Marketing



Editor: Cheng Lu Wang

ISBN 978-3-031-14960-3

John A. Deighton, Harold M. Brierley Professor of Business Administration Emeritus at Harvard Business School

Interactive Marketing is the New Normal
Cheng Lu Wang [Google Scholar]

Part I Advancement of Interactive Marketing: An Overview

Evolution of Research in Interactive Marketing: A Bibliometric and Thematic Review
Deepak Verma, Satish Kumar, and Divesh Kumar [Google Scholar]

From Direct Marketing Toward Interactive Marketing: The Evolving Interactive Marketing Tools
Anne Moes, Marieke L. Fransen, Tibert Verhagen, and Bob Fennis [Google Scholar]

Bridging the Theory and Practice of Digital Marketing from Interactive Marketing Perspective: A Historical Review
Ayşegül Sağkaya Güngör & Tuğçe Ozansoy Çadırcı [Google Scholar]

Interactive Digital Marketing Mechanisms: The Significance in Digital Transformation
Mona Rashidirad and Hamidreza Shahbaznezhad [Google Scholar]

Empowering Consumers in Interactive Marketing: Examining the Role of Perceived Control
Xiaohan Hu [Google Scholar]

How Brands Drive Electronic Word-of-Mouth in an Interactive Marketing Environment: An Overview and Future Research Directions
Ya You and Yi He [Google Scholar]

Part II Technology Development and Interactive Marketing

Technological Innovations in Interactive Marketing: Enhancing Customer Experience at the New Retail Age
Sahil Singh Jasrotia [Google Scholar]

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Marketing: Improving Customer-Brand Relationship
Wajeeha Aslam and Kashif Farhat [Google Scholar]

How Internet of Things Is Shaping Consumer Behavior? The Interactive Experience Between Customer and Smart Object
Ching-Jui Keng, Hsin-Ying Liu, and Yu-Hsin Chen [Google Scholar]

The Physical Presence and Relationship Distance for Efficient Consumer–AI-Business Interactions and Marketing
Corina Pelau, Dan-Cristian Dabija, and Daniela Serban [Google Scholar]

Humanizing Chatbots for Interactive Marketing
Wan-Hsiu Sunny Tsai and Ching-Hua Chuan [Google Scholar]

Affective Interaction with Technology: The Role of Virtual Assistants in Interactive Marketing
Guillermo Calahorra Candao, Carolina Herrando, and María José Martín-De Hoyos [Google Scholar]

Part III Interactivity in the Virtual World

Augmented Reality in Interactive Marketing: The State-Of-The-Art and Emerging Trends
Marc Riar, Jakob J. Korbel, Nannan Xi, Sophia Meywirth, Rüdiger Zarnekow, and Juho Hamari [Google Scholar]

Interactive Marketing with Virtual Commerce Tools: Purchasing Right Size and Fitted Garment in Fashion Metaverse
Sadia Idrees, Gianpaolo Vignali, and Simeon Gill [Google Scholar]

Virtual Influencer as a Brand Avatar in Interactive Marketing
Alice Audrezet and Bernadett Koles [Google Scholar]

Sentimental Interaction with Virtual Celebrities: An Assessment from Customer-Generated Content
Bình Nghiêm-Phú and Jillian Rae Suter [Google Scholar]

The Conceptualization of “Presence” in Interactive Marketing: A Systematic Review of 30 Years of Literature
Chen Chen, Xiaohan Hu, and Jacob T. Fisher [Google Scholar]

Part IV Platform Revolution and Customer Participation

The Platform Revolution in Interactive Marketing: Increasing Customer-Brand Engagement on Social Media Platforms
Zheng Shen [Google Scholar]

When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do: Differences of Interactive Behaviors Across Social Media Networks
Qingjiang Yao [Google Scholar]

Enhancing Customer–Brand Interaction: Customer Engagement on Brand Pages of Social Networking Sites
Zalfa Laili Hamzah and Azean Johari [Google Scholar]

Live Streaming as an Interactive Marketing Media: Examining Douyin and Its Constructed Value and Cultural Preference of Consumption in E-commerce
Boris L. F. Pun and Anthony Y. H. Fung [Google Scholar]

Interactive Experience of Collaborative Online Shopping: Real-Time Interaction and Communication
Mohammad Rahim Esfidani and Behnam Izadi [Google Scholar]

Part V E-WOM and Influencer Marketing in the Interactive Era

Reconceptualizing eWOM Communication: An Interactive Perspective
Hongfei Liu and Chanaka Jayawardhena [Google Scholar]

Complaint Handling and Channel Selection in the Interactive Marketing Era
Mariola Palazón and Inés López-López [Google Scholar]

What Do We Know About Influencers on Social Media? Toward a New Conceptualization and Classification of Influencers
María Sicilia and Manuela López [Google Scholar]

Influencer Marketing: A Triadically Interactive Relationship Between Influencers, Followers, and Brands
Delphine Caruelle [Google Scholar]

Optimising the Effect of Influencer Marketing: Exploring Consumers’ Interaction with Different Influencer Types on Instagram
Daniella Ryding, Rosy Boardman, and Rafaella Konstantinou [Google Scholar]

Part VI Predictive Analytics and Personalized Targeting

Applying Predictive Analytics in Interactive Marketing: How It Influences Customer Perception and Reaction?
Maggie Wenjing Liu, Qichao Zhu, Yige Yuan, and Sihan Wu [Google Scholar]

AI-Based Recommendation Systems: The Ultimate Solution for Market Prediction and Targeting
Sandra Habil, Sara El-Deeb, and Noha El-Bassiouny [Google Scholar]

Deep Learning Applications for Interactive Marketing in the Contemporary Digital Age
Billy Yu [Google Scholar]

Personalized Recommendation During Customer Shopping Journey
Shobhana Chandra and Sanjeev Verma [Google Scholar]

Location-Based Proximity Marketing: An Interactive Marketing Perspective
Aida Loussaief, Edward Ying-Lun Cheng, Marta Yuan-Chen Lin, and Julian Ming-Sung Cheng [Google Scholar]

Part VII Practical Implications of Interactive Marketing

Customer Interactive Experience in Luxury Retailing: The Application of AI-Enabled Chatbots in the Interactive Marketing
Ni Zeng, Liru Jiang, Gianpaolo Vignali, and Daniella Ryding [Google Scholar]

Engaging and Entertaining Customers: Gamification in Interactive Marketing
Devika Vashisht [Google Scholar]

Interactive Experience of Physical Servicescape and Online Servicescape: A Review and Future Research
Zalfa Laili Hamzah and Muhammad Waqas [Google Scholar]

The Role of Touch, Touchscreens, and Haptic Technology in Interactive Marketing: Evolution from Physical Touch to Digital Touch
Ying Zhu [Google Scholar]

It’s Fun to Play: Emoji Usage in Interactive Marketing Communication
Ruijuan Wu [Google Scholar]

Part VIII A Necessary Evil? Unintended Consequences of Interactive Marketing

Consumer Incivility in Virtual Spaces: Implications for Interactive Marketing Research and Practice
Denitsa Dineva [Google Scholar]

The Dark Side of Gamification in Interactive Marketing
Chitrakshi Bhutani and Abhishek Behl [Google Scholar]

Ethical Considerations in Gamified Interactive Marketing Praxis
Samaan Al-Msallam, Nannan Xi, and Juho Hamari [Google Scholar]

Value Co-creation or Value Co-destruction? The Role of Negative Emotions in Consumer-Firm Interaction in the Social Media Platform
Moreno Frau, Luca Frigau, Francesca Cabiddu, and Francesco Mola [Google Scholar]