J Prod Brand Man


Journal of Product & Brand Management, 32(2)



Social media influencer (SMI) as a human brand – a need fulfillment perspective
Aaminah Zaman Malik, Sajani Thapa, Audhesh K. Paswan [Google Scholar]

Evolving brand boundaries and expectations: looking back on brand equity, brand loyalty, and brand image research to move forward
Denise Linda Parris, Francisco Guzmán [Google Scholar]

Art infusion phenomenon: a systematic literature review
Mansi Gupta, Rakesh Mohan Joshi [Google Scholar]

Online firestorms: an act of civic engagement or a narcissistic boost? The role of brand misconduct appraisals
Elena Delgado-Ballester, Inés López-López, Alicia Bernal [Google Scholar]

Is it better to communicate product information abstractly or concretely? The role of consumer product expertise and shopping-stage mindset
Wojciech Trzebinski, Piotr Gaczek, Beata Marciniak [Google Scholar]

Fueling and cooling firestorms: how online community members enable and disable online negative e-WOM
Tyler Hancock, Michael Breazeale, Frank G. Adams, Haley Hardman [Google Scholar]

Take heed of those you reject: a candidate’s view of employer reputation
Shuai Chen, Weiwen Wang, Juan Zhou, Shuyue Zhang, Anqi Ge, Juan Feng, Yun Zhou [Google Scholar]

# Sponsored-influencer marketing: effects of the commercial orientation of influencer-created content on followers’ willingness to search for information
Thilini Chathurika Gamage, Nicholas Jeremy Ashill [Google Scholar]

Role of corporate social responsibility authenticity in developing perceived brand loyalty: a consumer perceptions paradigm
Asif Ali Safeer, Hancheng Liu [Google Scholar]

Love the star, love the team? The spillover effect of athlete sub brand to team brand advocacy in online brand communities
Amy Wong, Yu-Chen Hung [Google Scholar]