J Mar


Journal of Marketing, 87(2)


Caffeine’s Effects on Consumer Spending
Dipayan Biswas, Patrick Hartmann, Martin Eisend, Courtney Szocs, Bruna Jochims, Vanessa Apaolaza, Erik Hermann, Cristina M. López, and Adilson Borges [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Machiavellianism in Alliance Partnerships
Giuseppe Musarra, Matthew J. Robson, and Constantine S. Katsikeas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer Orientation and Financial Performance: Women in Top Management Teams Matter!
Chandra Srivastava, Saim Kashmiri, and Vijay Mahajan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Complaint De-Escalation Strategies on Social Media
Dennis Herhausen, Lauren Grewal, Krista Hill Cummings, Anne L. Roggeveen, Francisco Villarroel Ordenes, and Dhruv Grewal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Innovation Imprinting: Why Some Firms Beat the Post-IPO Innovation Slump
Simone Wies, Christine Moorman, and Rajesh K. Chandy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The One-Party Versus Third-Party Platform Conundrum: How Can Brands Thrive?
Zhiling Bei and Katrijn Gielens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Content on Zapping in TV Advertising
Maren Becker, Thomas P. Scholdra, Manuel Berkmann, and Werner J. Reinartz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding the Performance Effects of “Dark” Salesperson Traits: Machiavellianism, Narcissism, and Psychopathy
Cinthia B. Satornino, Alexis Allen, Huanhuan Shi, and Willy Bolander [Publisher] [Google Scholar]