Pharma Ops and Supply Chains


The Operations and Supply Chains of Pharmaceutical Products, Special issue of the Journal of Operations Management; Deadline 31 Mar 2023

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Author: Rebecca Reczek

I (Rebecca) am posting the below on behalf of one of my operations colleagues at OSU because they are actively seeking papers by consumer behavior scholars. The special issue editors are interesting in things like the degree to which consumers care about knowing where their pharmaceuticals are made and/or getting a quality rating (no public, valid, or reliable quality rating exists).

Special Issue

The operations and supply chains of pharmaceutical products

at the Journal of Operations Management

Do you conduct research in the pharmaceutical industry? Does your research involve the pharmaceutical products’ operations and supply chains, broadly defined? If so, we would like to encourage you to submit a paper to our special issue on the operations and supply chains of pharmaceutical products, in the Journal of Operations Management.

The Journal of Operations Management is a top journal in most business schools, holding the Association of Business Schools’ ABS 4* (highest, “World Elite”) ranking, and being listed on the two most commonly-used business school journal lists: Financial Times 50 and the UT Dallas 24. The deadline is March 31, 2023.

The supply chains of pharmaceutical products have many unique features worthy of study. They were critical to the successful vaccine rollouts in many countries. The supply chains are often opaque, prone to shortages and undetected quality variation. The supply chains are typically long, spanning many countries. Middlemen in the supply chains-between manufacturers and consumers-wield tremendous power, affecting the incentives of all players. The supply chains are opaque, meaning rarely know anything about the supply chain of the drug they are taking. The supply chains are highly regulated.

Given these characteristics, we are hoping to assemble a cross-disciplinary set of papers, as these supply chains are affected not just by production and supply chain decisions but also top management, marketing, and R&D within the firm; and global regulators, trade negotiators, middlemen, pharmacies, doctors, and consumers, outside the firm. Thus, beyond scholars of operations management, we hope to hear from scholars in other disciplines who do research in areas that may affect the operations and supply chains of pharmaceutical products. Please feel free to share/forward.