Evan Weingarten, Constantine Sedikides, and Tim Wildschut seek empirical manuscripts on nostalgia


Author: Evan Weingarten


My colleagues (Constantine Sedikides, Tim Wildschut) and I (Evan Weingarten) are conducting a meta-analysis of nostalgia research. We are examining published and unpublished (e.g., unpublished data, conference presentations, working papers, dissertations and theses) studies in two categories:

(1) Studies with random assignment to clear nostalgic and non-nostalgic conditions using a variety of canonical manipulations (e.g., recall of a nostalgic event, nostalgic stimuli such as songs or advertisements).

(2) Studies in which participants are randomly assigned to receive some sort of threat (e.g., social threat or exclusion, self-threat) or a no-threat control condition and then nostalgia is measured subsequently.

We hope that colleagues can share any unpublished data in this area across a large number of dependent measures. If you are willing to help, please e-mail

Thank you for considering this project.

-Evan Weingarten, Constantine Sedikides, and Tim Wildschut