J Con Mar


Journal of Consumer Marketing, 39(7)



Are graphic health warnings impacting on message processing and quitting intentions?
Cuong Pham, Bo Pang, Kathy Knox, Sharyn Rundle-Thiele [Google Scholar]

Passionate about food: exploring “foodie” segmentation by nutritional knowledge
Anoma Gunarathne, Sarah Hemmerling, Naemi Labonte, Anke Zühlsdorf, Achim Spiller [Google Scholar]

Recommendation matters: how does your social capital engage you in eWOM?
Bilge Baykal, Ozlem Hesapci Karaca [Google Scholar]

Motives of the self and brand hate
Isha Sharma, Kokil Jain, Abhishek Behl [Google Scholar]

A bibliometric analysis of the elaboration likelihood model (ELM)
Mukta Srivastava, Gordhan K. Saini [Google Scholar]

Beware the predatory shopper: exploring social vigilantism and proactivity in the exploitation of online pricing mistakes
Tyler Hancock, Frank G. Adams, Michael Breazeale, Jason E. Lueg, Kevin J. Shanahan [Google Scholar]

The retailer’s puzzle: influencer opinions and consumer-generated information
Atmadeep Mukherjee, Amaradri Mukherjee, Pramod Iyer, Ronn J. Smith [Google Scholar]

The effects of social density on consumers’ channel selection
Jing Zhao, Rui Huang, Xiangxi Chen [Google Scholar]

Integrating an evolutionary perspective of “self-concept” in consumer research
Parthasarathi Das, Venugopal Pingali [Google Scholar]

Who are voice users? The contributions of decision-making conflict theory
Amira Berriche, Christophe Benavent, Efthymios Constantinides [Google Scholar]