J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 37(12)



Integrating supplier innovation in the fuzzy front end: based on an analysis of the task environment
Na Li, XuDong Pei [Google Scholar]

Seeds of demand-side legitimacy: when do existing companies procure from B2B startups?
Safal Batra, Vishal K. Gupta, Sunil Sharma, Rahul Yadav [Google Scholar]

Salesperson’s spiritual response to job burnout: the role of karma and the moderating impact of thought self-leadership
Ramendra Singh, Rakesh Kumar Singh, Keerti Shukla [Google Scholar]

The red and green signals for industrial salesforce: testing an integrated framework
Muhammad Ishtiaq Ishaq, Huma Sarwar, Arif Azeez Ansari, Roheel Ahmed Siddiqi [Google Scholar]

Impact of bundling on the omnichannel supply chain under price competition
Sarat Kumar Jena [Google Scholar]

Social capital impact on mass customization capability and innovation capabilities: the mediating role of absorptive capacity
Mahmoud M. Migdadi [Google Scholar]

Configuring the governance and management of strategic networks for higher performance
Douglas Wegner, Marcelo Fernandes Pacheco Dias, Ana Cláudia Azevedo, Diego Antonio Bittencourt Marconatto [Google Scholar]

Translating leader sustainability orientation into green supply chain integration: a missing link of green entrepreneurial orientation
Taiwen Feng, Zhiyi Li, Haiqing Shi, Wenbo Jiang [Google Scholar]

Adaptive marketing capabilities, market orientation, and international performance: the moderation effect of competitive intensity
Caroline Kalil Reimann, Fernando Manuel Pereira de Oliveira Carvalho, Marcelo Pereira Duarte [Google Scholar]

Assessing the antecedents and outcomes of salesperson’s psychological capital
Bindu Gupta, Rakesh Singh, Sandeep Puri, Pankaj Singh Rawat [Google Scholar]

Does the type of sales position matter? A multi-group analysis of inside vs outside sales
Lucy Matthews, Diane Edmondson [Google Scholar]

Understanding the influence of business strategy in corporate social responsibility: evidence from Chinese firms in Africa
Gutama Kusse Getele, Tsitaire Jean Arrive, Xiong Ruoliu [Google Scholar]

How global mindset drives innovation and exporting performance: the roles of relational and bricolage capabilities
Chia-Wen Chang, Heng-Chiang Huang [Google Scholar]