J Bus Ethics


Journal of Business Ethics, 180(4)



Special Issue on Multi-Stakeholder Engagement for the Sustainable Development Goals

Multi-stakeholder Engagement for the Sustainable Development Goals: Introduction to the Special Issue
G. Abord-Hugon Nonet, T. Gössling, R. Van Tulder, J. M. Bryson [Google Scholar]

Fostering Social Impact Through Corporate Implementation of the SDGs: Transformative Mechanisms Towards Interconnectedness and Inclusiveness
Simona Fiandrino, Francesco Scarpa, Riccardo Torelli [Google Scholar]

A Decision Theory Perspective on Wicked Problems, SDGs and Stakeholders: The Case of Deforestation
Anthony Alexander, Helen Walker, Izabela Delabre [Google Scholar]

Working with Complexity in the Context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: A Case Study of Global Health Partnerships
Özgü Karakulak, Lea Stadtler [Google Scholar]

Good Intentions Gone Awry: Government Intervention and Multistakeholder Engagement in a Frontier Market
Ethiopia L. Segaro, Kajsa Haag [Google Scholar]

SDG Platforms as Strategic Innovation Through Partnerships
Amanda Williams, Lara Anne Blasberg [Google Scholar]

Values and Multi-stakeholder Dialog for Business Transformation in Light of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Samuel Petros Sebhatu, Bo Enquist [Google Scholar]

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals Through Collaborative Innovation: Evidence from Four European Initiatives
Laura Mariani, Benedetta Trivellato, Mattia Martini, Elisabetta Marafioti [Google Scholar]

The Purpose Ecosystem and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Interactions Among Private Sector Actors and Stakeholders
Wendy Stubbs, Frederik Dahlmann, Rob Raven [Google Scholar]

Rainbow Wash or Rainbow Revolution? Dynamic Stakeholder Engagement for SDG-Driven Responsible Innovation
Leopoldo Gutierrez, Ivan Montiel, Jordi A. Surroca, Josep A. Tribo [Google Scholar]