Asia Pac J Mar Logistics


Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 34(10)


Value co-creation for developing cultural and creative virtual brand communities
Longshan Chen, Leping Yuan, Zhangxiang Zhu [Google Scholar]

Deciphering the impact of responsiveness on customer satisfaction, cross-buying behaviour, revisit intention and referral behaviour
Deepika Sharma, Justin Paul, Sanjay Dhir, Rashi Taggar [Google Scholar]

Can you represent me? The influence of consumers’ self-congruity on their brand loyalty behavior
Xiaoling Zhang [Google Scholar]

The impact of customer organization socialization: a moderated mediation model
Hongshen Liu, Zhihui Huang [Google Scholar]

How does group-buying website quality for social commerce affect repurchase intention? Evidence from Chinese online users
Zhuo Sun, Hong Zhao, Zongshui Wang [Google Scholar]

The effect of brand experiences on brand loyalty through perceived quality and brand trust: a study on sports consumers
Halil Erdem Akoglu, Oğuz Özbek [Google Scholar]

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic upon fashion consumer behavior: focus on mass and luxury products
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Motivation for users’ knowledge-sharing behavior in virtual brand communities: a psychological ownership perspective
Ying Jiang, Junyun Liao, Jiawen Chen, Yanghong Hu, Peng Du [Google Scholar]

The influence of e-customer satisfaction, e-trust and perceived value on consumer’s repurchase intention in B2C e-commerce segment
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Cooperator or supporter: how can cross-boundary Macau–Zhuhai metropolis promote regional tourism together?
Xi Song, Ziying Mo, Matthew Tingchi Liu, Ben Niu, Li Huang [Google Scholar]

Organizational citizenship behaviors perceived by collectivistic 50-and-older customers and medical-care service performance: an application of stimulus-organism-response theory
Wooyang Kim, Donald A. Hantula, Anthony Di Benedetto [Google Scholar]

Assessing measurement invariance of the CETSCALE in Guangxi, China
Hsiang-Lin Tang, Xuelin Liu, Qi Fu [Google Scholar]

Advertising with scarcity messages and attitudes for luxury skin-care products
Joshua Fogel, Marcelle Kim Setton [Google Scholar]

COVID-19 pandemic: consumers’ purchase intention of indoor fitness products during the partial lockdown period in Singapore
Heetae Cho, Weisheng Chiu [Google Scholar]

Market orientation, performance and the mediating role of innovation in Indonesian SMEs
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Identifying aggressive versus ethical sales supervision in B2B service recovery: a multilevel perspective
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Psychological consumer behavior and sustainable green food purchase
Waqas Mazhar, Tariq Jalees, Muhammad Asim, Syed Hasnain Alam, Syed Imran Zaman [Google Scholar]

Exploring the nexus of social media influencers and consumer brand engagement
Man Lai Cheung, Wilson K.S. Leung, Morgan X. Yang, Kian Yeik Koay, Man Kit Chang [Google Scholar]

Encroachment in a three-echelon supply chain: manufacturer encroachment or distributor encroachment
Tian Wang, Yangyang Liang, Zhong Zheng [Google Scholar]

Fashion involvement, opinion-seeking and product variety as stimulators for fashion e-commerce: an investigated model based on S-O-R model
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The impact of culture on millennials’ attitudes towards luxury brands: evidence from Tokyo and Shanghai
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