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The Interface Between Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Judgment and Decision Making Research, Special issue of Decision; Deadline 30 May 2023

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Author: Clintin Stober

Call for Papers, Special Issue on

The Interface Between Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Judgment and Decision Making (JDM) Research

This is a Call for Papers for a special issue of the journal Decision dedicated to the interface between machine learning, artificial intelligence, and judgment and decision-making research. ML and AI shape countless decisions that millions of people make every day. From which dating partners to connect with, to repeated driving decisions, the impact of these technologies on human choice is substantial. Advances in ML and AI also have the potential to yield ever more predictive and informative models of human behavior, leading to a new generation of theory on judgment and decision making. In this special issue of Decision, we aim to better understand the critical research questions and important future research directions that lie at the interface between ML, AI, and judgment and decision making.

Guest Editors of the Special Issue:


We invite submissions related to all aspects of research that enjoin judgment and decision making research with machine learning and/or artificial intelligence. We are particularly interested in submissions that identify critical scientific questions that could help shape future research. We prefer submissions that do not exceed 5000 words and especially welcome shorter perspective pieces. Some general topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • Advances in the AI and ML literature that could be used to improve judgment and decision-making theory, research and applications.
  • Judgment and decision-making research that could be leveraged to improve the predictability and efficiency of ML algorithms.

In line with the interdisciplinary mission of the journal, we welcome submissions from decision theorists, computer scientists, statisticians, economists, mathematicians, psychologists, and other scientists that work in these areas.


Submission deadline May 30, 2023.

Expected publication date: Early issue of 2024 (Papers accepted for publication will be available online before the issue is published).

How to submit? Follow instructions at


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