Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Analytics


Registration now open, Harvard Business School, 16-17 Dec 2022


Author: Xueming Luo

Registration is now open to public audience who are interested in attending this in-person AIML conference at Harvard Business School. Use below link to register (only about 30 seats left, first come first serve):

2022 Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Analytics 

December 16-17, 2022

in-person at Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts  

Over five billion people worldwide actively engage with AI, Metaverse, bots, machine-to-machine connected solutions, 5G, AR/VR, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. This conference will explore how digital, social, and mobile technologies affect business models, customer behavior, management strategies, public policy, and social changes at large.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

Tat Chan (WUSL), JP Dube (Chicago), Daria Dzyabura (NES),  John Hauser (MIT), John Horton (MIT),  Nan Jia (USC), Xueming Luo (Temple), Puneet Manchanda (UMich), Sridhar Narayanan (Stanford), Daniel Rock (Wharton), Param Vir Singh (CMU), Kannan Srinivasan (CMU), K Sudhir (Yale), Raphael Thomadsen (WUSL), Catherine Tucker (MIT), Shunyuan Zhang (Harvard)

More details of registration, conference agenda, travel and direction are updated online here.