J Exp Psych General


Journal of Experimental Psychology General, 151(12)



Growth algorithms in the phonological networks of second language learners: A replication of Siew and Vitevitch (2020a)
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The allocation of working memory resources determines the efficiency of attentional templates in single- and dual-target search
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Directed forgetting in working memory
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No need to choose: Independent regulation of cognitive stability and flexibility challenges the stability-flexibility trade-off
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Interference and integration in hierarchical task learning
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The emergence of bifurcated structure in children’s language
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On the latency of object recognition and affect: Evidence from temporal order and simultaneity judgments
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Scanning a compressed ordered representation of the future
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Passive visual stimulation induces fatigue under conditions of high arousal elicited by auditory tasks
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Promoting visual long-term memories: When do we learn from repetitions of visuospatial arrays?
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The development of adaptation aftereffects in the vibrotactile domain
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A brief intervention to motivate empathy among middle school students
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Hovering at the polls: Do helicopter parents prefer paternalistic political policies?
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Faster responders are perceived as more extraverted
Wang, Deming; Ziano, Ignazio [Google Scholar]

Think then act, or act then think? Double-response reaction times shed light on decision dynamics in precrastination
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Thinking about thinking: People underestimate how enjoyable and engaging just waiting is
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Genetic essentialist beliefs about criminality predict harshness of recommended punishment
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Early caregiving adversity differentially shapes behavioral sensitivity to reward and risk during decision-making
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Identifying cultural differences in metacognition
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Gratitude expressions improve teammates’ cardiovascular stress responses
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Re-examining the spread of moralized rhetoric from political elites: Effects of valence and ideology
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