J Bus Res


Journal of Business Research, 154



Mitigating immediate and lagged effects of customer mistreatment on service failure and sabotage: Critical roles of service recovery behaviors
I-An Wang, Pei-Chi Chen, Nai-Wen Chi [Google Scholar]

A meta-analysis of antecedents and consequences of eWOM credibility: Investigation of moderating role of culture and platform type
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Customer engagement and sharing behaviors: Toward a contingent curvilinear perspective
Alex Taylor, Jamie Carlson, Yi-Chuan Liao, Mohammad M. Rahman [Google Scholar]

Don’t touch the Merchandise! Factors associated with consumer preference for contact free shopping
Dayun Jeong, Eunju Ko, Charles R. Taylor [Google Scholar]

Psychological contract breach during the pandemic: How an abrupt transition to a work from home schedule impacted the employment relationship
Baiyun Gong, Randi L. Sims [Google Scholar]

Remote control: Attitude monitoring and informal control in distributed teams
Rebecca Downes, Urs Daellenbach, Noelle Donnelly [Google Scholar]

Impact of stereotype threat on sales anxiety
Mohammad Sakif Amin, Aaron D. Arndt, Emily C. Tanner [Google Scholar]

Degree of involvement in supply chain system development and relational performance: A potential dark side in supply chain relationships
Daekwan Kim, Geon-Cheol Shin, Ruey-Jer “Bryan” Jean, S. Tamer Cavusgil, Charles Chen [Google Scholar]

Measuring brand hate in a cross-cultural context: Emic and Etic scale development and validation
Houcine Akrout, Mona Mrad [Google Scholar]

Assessing the impact of manufacturer power on private label market share in an equilibrium framework
Simbarashe Pasirayi, Timothy J. Richards [Google Scholar]

Government support versus international knowledge: Investigating innovations from emerging-market small and medium enterprises
Tam Nguyen, Martie-Louise Verreynne, John Steen, Rui Torres de Oliveira [Google Scholar]

An empirical investigation of unique traits of retailing industry in emerging economies: The perspective of consumer-packaged goods manufacturers
Ashutosh Patil, Sharad Borle, Siddharth Singh [Google Scholar]

Did you hear our brand is hated? The unexpected upside of hate-acknowledging advertising for polarizing brands
Lisa Monahan, Jennifer A. Espinosa, Jeff Langenderfer, David J. Ortinau [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurs as strategic transformation managers: Exploring micro-foundations of digital transformation in small and medium internationalisers
Vahid Jafari-Sadeghi, Hannan Amoozad Mahdiraji, Gazi Mahabubul Alam, Alberto Mazzoleni [Google Scholar]

On relationship types, their strength, and reward crowdfunding backer behavior
Rotem Shneor, Liang Zhao, Jann Fabian Michael Goedecke [Google Scholar]

The virtuous circle between green product innovation and performance: The role of financial constraint and corporate brand
Mahabubur Rahman [Google Scholar]

Overcoming financial planners’ cognitive biases through digitalization: A qualitative study
Vidya S. Athota, Vijay Pereira, Zahid Hasan, Daicy Vaz, Benjamin Laker, Dimitrios Reppas [Google Scholar]

Dynamics of corporate governance mechanisms – family firms’ performance relationship- a meta-analytic review
Parul Gupta, Sumedha Chauhan [Google Scholar]

Market distortion, factor misallocation, and efficiency loss in manufacturing enterprises
Shangfeng Zhang, Jiayu Luo, Duen-Huang Huang, Jingjue Xu [Google Scholar]

Double-edged sword of global demand heterogeneity: How service multinationals capture the benefits and mitigate the costs of managing customer knowledge
Li Cheng, Yue Wang, Xiao Zhang, Di Zhu [Google Scholar]

Building T-shaped professionals for mastering digital transformation
Francesco Caputo, Valentina Cillo, Fabio Fiano, Marco Pironti, Marco Romano [Google Scholar]

Affective temporal experiences and new work modalities: The role of Information and Communication Technologies
Efpraxia D. Zamani, Konstantina Spanaki [Google Scholar]

Stakeholder-inclusive multi-criteria development of smart cities
Shouzhen Zeng, Yingjie Hu, Carlos Llopis-Albert [Google Scholar]

Flowers of adversity: Institutional constraints and innovative SMEs in transition economies
Baris Istipliler, Suleika Bort, Michael Woywode [Google Scholar]

The effect of image richness on customer engagement: Evidence from Sina Weibo
Lu Zhao, Mingli Zhang, Yaxin Ming, Tao Niu, Yu Wang [Google Scholar]

The base-of- the-pyramid orientation and export performance of Vietnamese small and medium enterprises
Nguyen Phong Nguyen, Samuel Adomako, Mujtaba Ahsan [Google Scholar]

The language and social behavior of innovators
Andrea Fronzetti Colladon, Laura Toschi, Elisa Ughetto, Francesca Greco [Google Scholar]

How to erase gender differences in entrepreneurial success? Look at the ecosystem
Dianne H.B. Welsh, Eugene Kaciak, Muriel Fadairo, Vijayta Doshi, Cintya Lanchimba [Google Scholar]

Leveraging user behavior and data science technologies for management: An overview
Lorena Blasco-Arcas, Minas N. Kastanakis, Mariano Alcañiz, Ana Reyes-Menendez [Google Scholar]

A general Best-Worst method considering interdependency with application to innovation and technology assessment at NASA
Madjid Tavana, Hassan Mina, Francisco J. Santos-Arteaga [Google Scholar]

Your heart is where your treasure is: Family chairman and tax avoidance in family-controlled firms
Feng Cao, Sifei Li, Ming Dai, Jing Li [Google Scholar]

Configural analysis of GII’s internal structure
Tiffany Hui-Kuang Yu, Kun-Huang Huarng [Google Scholar]

Big data analytics and artificial intelligence technologies based collaborative platform empowering absorptive capacity in health care supply chain: An empirical study
Surajit Bag, Pavitra Dhamija, Rajesh Kumar Singh, Muhammad Sabbir Rahman, V. Raja Sreedharan [Google Scholar]

The relevance of participation Behavior, organizational Commitment, and attitudinal loyalty to the management of professional associations
Carlos Rodríguez-Rad, María-Elena Sánchez del Rio-Vázquez [Google Scholar]

Empirical identification of the chief digital officer role: A latent Dirichlet allocation approach
Francesca Culasso, Beata Gavurova, Edoardo Crocco, Elisa Giacosa [Google Scholar]

The neural correlates and the underlying processes of weak brand choices
Ankur Kapoor, Arvind Sahay, Nandini C. Singh, V.S. Chandrasekhar Pammi, Prantosh Banerjee [Google Scholar]

Struck by a cupid’s arrow: The conjuring bliss and sinister shades of employee workplace romance
Amitabh Anand, Jessica L. Doll, Piera Centobelli, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Roberto Cerchione [Google Scholar]

Remote work and the COVID-19 pandemic: An artificial intelligence-based topic modeling and a future agenda
Majid Aleem, Muhammad Sufyan, Irfan Ameer, Mekhail Mustak [Google Scholar]

Cognitive antecedents of EMNEs’ dynamic capabilities: A case study of global identity at Lenovo
Jing Betty Feng, Steven Y.H. Liu, Leigh Anne Liu [Google Scholar]

Fanning the flames: Transmitting negative word of mouth of rival brands
Junyun Liao, Jiawen Chen, Haichuan Zhao, Muhua Li [Google Scholar]

Mechanism of latecomer enterprises’ technological catch-up in technical standards alliances – An ambidextrous innovation perspective
Jing Hu, Yilin Wang, Shengnan Liu, Mingshun Song [Google Scholar]

Positive or negative spillover? The influence of online channel satisfaction on offline channel adoption
Hongxin Teng, Qinying Xia, Jiayi Shou, Jing Zhao [Google Scholar]

Understanding work experience in epidemic-induced telecommuting: The roles of misfit, reactance, and collaborative technologies
Boying Li, Chenyang Xue, Yue Cheng, Eric T.K. Lim, Chee-Wee Tan [Google Scholar]

Economic and environmental outcomes of a sustainable and circular approach: Case study of an Italian wine-producing firm
Rita Mura, Francesca Vicentini, Ludovico Maria Botti, Maria Vincenza Chiriacò [Google Scholar]

How COVID-19 stole Christmas: How the pandemic shifted the calculus around social media Self-Disclosures
Teagen Nabity-Grover, Christy M.K. Cheung, Jason Bennett Thatcher [Google Scholar]

Corporate political activity and bribery in Africa: Do internet penetration and foreign ownership matter?
Tahiru Azaaviele Liedong, Daniel Aghanya, Alfredo Jimenez, Tazeeb Rajwani [Google Scholar]

The importance of resource interaction in strategies for managing supply chain disruptions
Lena E. Bygballe, Anna Dubois, Marianne Jahre [Google Scholar]

Gender and firm performance around the world: The roles of finance, technology and labor
Lee Allison, Yu Liu, Samuele Murtinu, Zuobao Wei [Google Scholar]

The role of visioning in business network strategizing
Morten H. Abrahamsen, Aino Halinen, Peter Naudé [Google Scholar]

The rise of emerging market lead firms in global value chains
Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Pavida Pananond [Google Scholar]

Examining the outcomes of influencer activism
Veronica L. Thomas, Kendra Fowler [Google Scholar]

The importance of relative customer-based label equity when signaling sustainability and health with certifications and tags
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Enforcement of service rules by frontline employees: A conceptual model and research propositions
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Understanding customer engagement in family firms: A conceptual framework
Bharath Rajan, Uday Salunkhe, V. Kumar [Google Scholar]

A review of exploratory factor analysis in tourism and hospitality research: Identifying current practices and avenues for improvement
Matt C. Howard, Jennifer Henderson [Google Scholar]

New work design for knowledge creation and sustainability: An empirical study of coworking-spaces
Ricarda B. Bouncken, Muhammad Mahmood Aslam, Till Marius Gantert, Andreas Kallmuenzer [Google Scholar]

Buyer-supplier CSR alignment and firm performance: A contingency theory perspective
Yang Yang, Yan Jiang [Google Scholar]

When anything less than perfect isn’t good enough: How parental and supervisor perfectionistic expectations determine fear of failure and employee creativity
Shen-Yang Lin, Giles Hirst, Chia-Huei Wu, Cynthia Lee, Wen Wu, Chia-Chi Chang [Google Scholar]

The effect of inside sales and hybrid sales structures on customer value creation
Carla Ramos, Danny P. Claro, Renato Germiniano [Google Scholar]

The adoption of remote work platforms after the Covid-19 lockdown: New approach, new evidence
Jean Michel Sahut, Raphael Lissillour [Google Scholar]

Flow and Ebb: Factors affecting SMEs to exit from the DRP market during pandemic
Hengyuan Zhang, Yi Yang, Chengcheng Xia [Google Scholar]

The consequences of collaborative overload: A long-term investigation of helping behavior
Andrea Kim, Youngsang Kim, Younsung Cho [Google Scholar]

Service failures in times of crisis: An analysis of eWOM emotionality
Maximilian H.E.E. Gerrath, Alexander Mafael, Aulona Ulqinaku, Alessandro Biraglia [Google Scholar]

Five dimensions of business model innovation: A multi-case exploration of industrial incumbent firm’s business model transformations
Darek. M. Haftor, Ricardo Climent Costa [Google Scholar]

Effects of ambidextrous and specialized R&D strategies on firm performance: The contingent role of industry orientation
Eva Mavroudi, Effie Kesidou, Krsto Pandza [Google Scholar]

Growth, agglomeration externalities, and survival: Evidence from Chinese manufacturing start-ups
Ruiqi Cheng, Peng Yuan, Gongxiong Jiang [Google Scholar]

Microfoundations in the strategic management of technology and innovation: Definitions, systematic literature review, integrative framework, and research agenda
Maximilian Palmié, Stephanie Rüegger, Vinit Parida [Google Scholar]

Deliberation does not make the attraction effect disappear: The role of induced cognitive reflection
Pravesh Kumar Padamwar, Vinay Kumar Kalakbandi, Jagrook Dawra [Google Scholar]

Differential effects of analytical versus emotional rhetorical style on review helpfulness
Masoud Moradi, Mayukh Dass, Piyush Kumar [Google Scholar]

The impact of institutional environment on entrepreneurial performance in micro E-commerce for Women: The mediating role of entrepreneurial network
Xi Zhao, Chunyi Lin, Beatrice Knerr-Sievers, Qiuting Lu, Abbas Mardani [Google Scholar]

Understanding value perceptions and propositions: A machine learning approach
Yuliya Kolomoyets, Astrid Dickinger [Google Scholar]

Motives for posting fake reviews: Evidence from a cross-cultural comparison
Mustafeed Zaman, Tan Vo-Thanh, Chi T.K. Nguyen, Rajibul Hasan, Shahriar Akter, Marcello Mariani, Lubica Hikkerova [Google Scholar]

Man vs machine – Detecting deception in online reviews
Maria Petrescu, Haya Ajjan, Dana L. Harrison [Google Scholar]

EU27 and USA institutions in the digital ecosystem: Proposal for a digital presence measurement index
José M. Ponzoa, Andrés Gómez, José M. Mas [Google Scholar]

Exploring the synergistic role of ethical leadership and sales control systems on salesperson social media use and sales performance
Ashish Kalra, Elten Briggs, Wyatt Schrock [Google Scholar]

Coopetition and organizational performance outcomes: A meta-analysis of the main and moderator effects
Qiuhao Xie, Ying Gao, Nini Xia, Shuibo Zhang, Guowu Tao [Google Scholar]

Impacts of consumer cognitive process to ascertain online fake review: A cognitive dissonance theory approach
Sheshadri Chatterjee, Ranjan Chaudhuri, Ajay Kumar, Cheng Lu Wang, Shivam Gupta [Google Scholar]

How does the founding family matter in corporate governance? A study of the entrenchment heterogeneity among S&P 1,500 firms
Zhonghui “Hugo” Wang, Robert Randolph, Emma Su, Esra Memili [Google Scholar]

Managing disclosure of political risk: The case of socially responsible firms
Indrarini Laksmana, Maretno A. Harjoto, Hoyoung Kim [Google Scholar]

The survival of outward investments from China and India: Is there a North-South divide?
Suma Athreye, Abubakr Saeed, Muhammad Saad Baloch [Google Scholar]

Exploring the boundaries of Neuromarketing through systematic investigation
Shikha Bhardwaj, Gunjan A Rana, Abhishek Behl, Santiago Juan Gallego de Caceres [Google Scholar]

Do online review readers react differently when exposed to credible versus fake online reviews?
Jong Min Kim, Keeyeon Ki-cheon Park, Marcello M. Mariani [Google Scholar]

Forecasting sustainability of healthcare supply chains using deep learning and network data envelopment analysis
Majid Azadi, Saeed Yousefi, Reza Farzipoor Saen, Hadi Shabanpour, Fauzia Jabeen [Google Scholar]

Does gender affect qualifying decisions? Evidence from public sector audits
Nieves Carrera, Mercedes Mareque [Google Scholar]

How virtual reality shopping experience enhances consumer creativity: The mediating role of perceptual curiosity
Woo Bin Kim, Ho Jung Choo [Google Scholar]

Role of gender in the creation and persuasiveness of online reviews
Prashanth Ravula, Amit Bhatnagar, Dinesh K Gauri [Google Scholar]

Born to be sustainable: How to combine strategic disruption, open innovation, and process digitization to create a sustainable business
Oihab Allal-Chérif, Juan Costa Climent, Klaus Jurgen Ulrich Berenguer [Google Scholar]

Creativity in marketing: Examining the intellectual structure using scientometric analysis and topic modeling
Kallol Das, Jayesh D. Patel, Anuj Sharma, Yupal Shukla [Google Scholar]

Deepfakes: Deceptions, mitigations, and opportunities
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Societal reminiscence and decisions for a better society: A belief in progress explanation
Canice M.C. Kwan, Shirley Y.Y. Cheng, Alex S.L. Tsang [Google Scholar]

International entrepreneurial behavior of internationalizing African SMEs – Towards a new research agenda
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Examining the impact of salesperson orientation on creative selling, passive deviance, and organizational outcomes
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Setting the programmatic agenda: A comprehensive bibliometric overview of team mechanism research
Li Lu, Kurt A. Norder, Aman Sawhney, Kyle J. Emich [Google Scholar]

Doing more with more: Women on the board and firm employment
Abongeh A. Tunyi, Geofry Areneke, Abiye Tob-Ogu, Sharif Khalid [Google Scholar]