J Bus Ind Mar


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 37(11)



Guest editorial: Interactions, relationships and networks in a digital era
Catherine Sutton-Brady, Robert Spencer [Google Scholar]

Eight organizational enablers of digital service-sales ambidexterity in industrial firms
Moritz Classen, Thomas Friedli [Google Scholar]

The emergence of B2B omni-channel marketing in the digital era: a systematic literature review
Órla Hayes, Felicity Kelliher [Google Scholar]

The interplay between product innovation and servitization: the mediating role of digitalization
Mantas Vilkas, Andrea Bikfalvi, Rimantas Rauleckas, Gediminas Marcinkevicius [Google Scholar]

The effect of international intrapreneurship on firm export performance with driving force of organizational factors
Luu Tien Dung, Huynh Thi Thuy Giang [Google Scholar]

Why are strangers trusted more during trade fairs? A literature review on the conceptual model of general trust formation
Minjiang Jia, Chunlin Wan [Google Scholar]

Linking supply network flexibility with mass customization capability
Inayat Ullah, Rakesh Narain [Google Scholar]

An empirical investigation of the professional identification of sales managers and their ethical intentions
Andrea Vocino, Nicholas McClaren [Google Scholar]

Small firm coopetition – the missing links: coopetitive tension, balance and value
Brett Letcher, Margarietha de Villiers Scheepers, Wayne Graham [Google Scholar]

Exploring the role of service touchpoints on the path to financial, behavioral and relational customer outcomes: insights from a B2B service context
Lily (Xuehui) Gao, Iguácel Melero-Polo, Miguel Á. Ruz-Mendoza, Andreea Trifu [Google Scholar]

A new fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making approach for risk assessment of competitors’ cooperation in new product development projects
Seyedehanahita Mousavi, Ashkan Hafezalkotob, Vahidreza Ghezavati, Farshid Abdi [Google Scholar]

Sales complexity and value appropriation: a taxonomy of sales situations
Deva Rangarajan, Bryan Hochstein, Duane Nagel, Teidorlang Lyngdoh [Google Scholar]

Modelling factors of social media usage by B2B salespersons: an emerging market study
Ratan Kumar, Vibhava Srivastava [Google Scholar]

Criteria for selecting actors for the value co-creation in startups
Andrei Bonamigo, Adrianne Alves da Silva, Beatriz Pereira da Silva, Steffan Macali Werner [Google Scholar]

Effects of country of origin and importers’ innovativeness in new product trials
Giovanna Pegan, James Reardon, Donata Vianelli [Google Scholar]

Left to their own devices? Antecedents and contingent effects of workplace anxiety in the WFH selling environment
Deva Rangarajan, Vishag Badrinarayanan, Aditi Sharma, Rakesh Kumar Singh, Sridhar Guda [Google Scholar]

Changes in knowledge coupling and innovation performance: the moderation effect of network cohesion
Na Jin, Naiding Yang, Sayed Muhammad Fawad Sharif, Ruimeng Li [Google Scholar]

Supply chain finance in enhancing supply-oriented and demand-oriented performance capabilities – moderating role of perceived partner opportunism
Rajesh Rajaguru, Margaret Jekanyika Matanda, Wenqing Zhang [Google Scholar]