Launches and Adoption in B2B Markets


Stephan Volpers seeks unpublished empirical studies on new product launches or adoption in business markets


Author: Stephan Volpers

We are conducting a meta-analysis of new product launches or adoption in business markets. To this end, we kindly ask researchers who may have in-process work, manuscripts under review, or file drawer empirical studies related to this topic to consider sharing their findings with us.

Please note: We are not requesting original data files; we are only asking for the specific statistics needed for meta-analyses, which include: sample sizes, effect sizes, reliabilities, as well as basic information about the study and its design. In case, the authors prefer to share their original data and let us derive those results, this is fine too.

Thank you in advance for helping us better understand new product launches in business markets!

In case of questions or unpublished work, please contact:

Stephan Volpers,