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And the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Special issue of the Journal of Marketing Education; Deadline 31 Mar 2023

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Author: Ranjit Voola

Journal of Marketing Education

Special Issue Call for Papers

Marketing Education and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Are Marketing Students and Faculty Prepared to be Agents of Change for Sustainability?

Submission Deadline: 31st March 2023

This special issue of the Journal of Marketing Education extends recent calls for marketing scholars to become more relevant and to have both a greater impact on society and contribute to wellbeing by focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a community of scholars, we face significant global challenges, such as increasing inequalities that have been exacerbated by the pandemic, increasing frequency of natural disasters, mistrust of brands’ intentions, and changing expectations of a firm’s and marketing’s role in society by various stakeholders (e.g., consumers, suppliers, community, shareholders, and national governments). Within this dynamic context, it is important that marketing scholars engage strategically with the 17 SDGs, the most widely accepted framework for addressing the world’s biggest societal challenges (see

Ongoing conversation seeks to connect various marketing sub-disciplines (e.g., macro-marketing, marketing and public policy, business-to-business marketing, and strategic marketing) to sustainable development and to the SDGs (e.g., Bolton, 2022; de Ruyter et al., 2022; Rosenbloom, 2022; Scott et al., 2021; Voola et al., 2022a and b). Although marketing students may be introduced to the SDGs in sustainability, business ethics, and/or corporate social responsibility courses, we are still to gain a deeper understanding as to what extent we are preparing faculty and students within their marketing course work to be agents of change for sustainability by engaging strategically and deeply with the SDGs. Thus, the goals of this special issue are to better understand how marketing educators (1) are bringing the SDGs to the forefront of marketing education practices, (2) are incorporating the SDGs into course curriculum, assessments, pedagogical approaches, and discussions, and (3) are investigating marketing student and faculty understanding of, and attitudes toward, the SDGs.

Potential topics for inclusion in the special issue are:

  • Assessment of pedagogies that engage students and faculty with the SDGs in new, creative ways
  • Course and/or program redesigns/reorientations that use the SDGs as a primary lens for course content revision
  • Explorations of how marketing educators are aligning private sector involvement with the SDGs to transform courses and programs
  • Research projects that assess faculty and/or student understanding of, attitudes toward, and motivations for learning about the SDGs
  • Analysis of challenges connected with multidisciplinary and/or transdisciplinary team-based approaches to tackling the SDGs
  • Macro-level discussions of how departments, courses, and programs have used the SDGs as an overarching framework for course and/or content transformation. For example, this could be in the context of the PRME framework that encourages signatories to engage with the SDGs at the broader business school level (Wersun et al., 2020).
  • Discussions of how the SDGs are incorporated in marketing curricula at institutions with unique regional and/or cultural components (e.g., countries experiencing high-income inequality, in fragile economies, or specific faith/ethical orientations).

Potential contributors should feel free to contact the co-editors with any questions. All manuscripts will be judged on their scholarly merits and overall ability to advance the marketing and business education literature. Authors should follow the style guidelines found at with all submissions via the Journal of Marketing Education editorial manager on the journal website. The following are the special issue co-editors:

Ranjit Voola, The University of Sydney, Australia

Michael Polonsky, Deakin University, Australia

Carmela Bosangit, Cardiff University, UK

Al Rosenbloom, Dominican University, U.S.A.

Paromita Goswami, Shiv Nadar University, India