J Financial Services Mar


Journal of Financial Services Marketing, 27(4)



Discerning the antecedents determining empowerment of life insurance agents: an empirical examination
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Exploiting context-dependent preferences to protect borrowers
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A partial least squares approach to digital finance adoption
Niyati Jain, T. V. Raman [Google Scholar]

Which factors support trust in the recommendation process of pension products? Trust and pension products
Philip Maximilian Linhart, Olaf Stotz [Google Scholar]

Identifying potential millennial customers for financial institutions using SVM
Swati Anand, Kushendra Mishra [Google Scholar]

The mediating role of happiness on the effect of locomotion and effort on salesperson’s performance and cross-selling: the case of financial insurance
Valter Afonso Vieira [Google Scholar]

Two sides of the same coin: The simultaneous effects of spending and saving needs on budget estimation
Min Jung Kim [Google Scholar]

Mediating role of trust in the impact of perceived empathy and customer orientation on intention to continue relationship in Indian banks
Rajeev Kumra, Praveen Kumar Sharma [Google Scholar]