Italian J Mar


Italian Journal of Marketing, 2022(3)


Sustainable marketing and performance management. Contributions to theories, methods, and practices.

Guest Editors: Alfonso Siano and Ralph Tench

Alfonso Siano, Ralph Tench

Ex ante assessment of sustainable marketing investments
Agostino Vollero, Alfonso Siano, Alessandra Bertolini [Google Scholar]

How new sustainability typologies will reshape traditional approaches to loyalty
Neil Richardson [Google Scholar]

A text mining approach for CSR communication: an explorative analysis of energy firms on Twitter in the post-pandemic era
Rocco Mazza, Emma Zavarrone, Mirko Olivieri, Daniela Corsaro [Google Scholar]

Measuring and evaluating CSR information and involvement strategies on corporate Facebook pages
Sara Amabile, Francesca Conte, Agostino Vollero, Alfonso Siano [Google Scholar]

Performance management and sustainable development: an exploration of non-financial performance of companies with foreign capital in Romania
Valentina Vasile, Mirela Panait, Paolo Piciocchi, Maria Antonella Ferri, Maria Palazzo [Google Scholar]