J Services Mar


Journal of Services Marketing, 36(8)



Editorial: Research priorities in the new service marketplace
Mark Scott Rosenbaum, Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Germán Contreras-Ramírez [Google Scholar]

Understanding consumer perceptions and attitudes toward smart retail services
Chen-Yu Lin [Google Scholar]

How gun control policies influence consumers’ service business evaluations
Frank Gregory Cabano, Amin Attari, Elizabeth A. Minton [Google Scholar]

Investigating the role of customer forgiveness following a double deviation
Cheng-Yu Lin, En-Yi Chou [Google Scholar]

Mobile payment adoption in Latin America
Ainsworth Anthony Bailey, Carolyn M. Bonifield, Alejandro Arias, Juliana Villegas [Google Scholar]

Stepping up, stepping out: the elderly customer long-term health-care experience
Cheng-Yu Lin, En-Yi Chou [Google Scholar]

The effects of employee behavior in sustainable service organizations
Isabel Kittyma Disse, Hürrem Becker-Özcamlica [Google Scholar]