Industrial Mar Man


Industrial Marketing Management, 106


The role of technology in enabling circular supply chain management
Lujie Chen, Fu Jia, Michelle D. Steward, Tobias Schoenherr [Google Scholar]

The contemporary face of word-of-mouth in B2B contexts: New technologies, practices and challenges
Ben Marder, Robert J Angell, Tugra Akarsu, Antonia Erz [Google Scholar]

Integrating B2B and B2C research to explain industrial buyer behavior
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Doing bad by doing good? Corporate social responsibility fails when controversy arises
Shuojia Guo, Cheng Lu Wang, Seokyoun Hwang, Fei Jin, Liying Zhou [Google Scholar]

Fairness asymmetry, changes in mutual trust, and supplier performance in buyer-supplier exchanges in China: A dyadic view
Mengyang Wang, Shibin Sheng, Kevin Zheng Zhou [Google Scholar]

Unrealized solutions in business markets
Laura Elgeti, Michael Kleinaltenkamp [Google Scholar]

Inter-firm coopetition: The role of a firm’s long-term orientation
Andrea Greven, Denise Fischer-Kreer, Jan Müller, Malte Brettel [Google Scholar]

COVID-19-related innovations: A study on underlying motivations and inter-organizational collaboration
Marco Greco, Moreno Campagna, Livio Cricelli, Michele Grimaldi, Serena Strazzullo [Google Scholar]

Customer engagement design in industrial innovation
Linda D. Hollebeek, Debbie Isobel Keeling, Ko de Ruyter [Google Scholar]

Bridging the gap between B2B and B2C: Thought leadership in industrial marketing – A systematic literature review and propositions
Tina Neuhaus, Jan Andre Millemann, Ed Nijssen [Google Scholar]

Bridging the gap between trade operators and consumers to better understand the U.S. wine market: A simultaneous application of discrete choice experiments
Armando Maria Corsi, Larry Lockshin, Jordan Louviere, Justin Cohen, Johan Bruwer [Google Scholar]

Buyers’ perspectives on improving performance and curtailing supplier opportunism in supplier development: A social exchange theory approach
Phuong N.T. Tran, Matthew Gorton, Fred Lemke [Google Scholar]

Revisiting business relationship quality in subsistence marketplaces
Umme Hani, Shahriar Akter, Ananda Wickramasinghe, Uraiporn Kattiyapornpong, Marcello Mariani [Google Scholar]

Marketing analytics capability, artificial intelligence adoption, and firms’ competitive advantage: Evidence from the manufacturing industry
Md Afnan Hossain, Raj Agnihotri, Md Rifayat Islam Rushan, Muhammad Sabbir Rahman, Sumaiya Farhana Sumi [Google Scholar]

Agency problems in solution selling: How customer perceptions of opportunism and customer characteristics impede their acceptance of outcome-based pricing
Eva C. Pieringer, Dirk Totzek [Google Scholar]

Shared analytical capabilities in business networks
Valeria Penttinen, Johanna Frösén [Google Scholar]

Emerging research questions for new journey development in industrial markets
Serdar S. Durmusoglu, Regina C. McNally, Junsong Chen [Google Scholar]

What comprises a successful key account manager? Differences in the drivers of sales performance between key account managers and regular salespeople
Berenika B. Hengstebeck, Roland Kassemeier, Jan Wieseke [Google Scholar]

Positioning strategies for B2B service markets
Paul Mensah Agyei, Franklyn Manu, Stanley Coffie [Google Scholar]

Automated Text and Content Analysis in the B2B Setting – Insights for Scholars and Practitioners. Edited by: Leyland Pitt and Kirk Plangger

From mining to meaning: How B2B marketers can leverage text to inform strategy
Hsiu-Yuan Tsao, Colin Campbell, Sean Sands, Alexis Mavrommatis [Google Scholar]

Empathy and EGO-drive in the B2B salesforce: Impacts on job satisfaction
Emily Treen, Yunzhijun Yu [Google Scholar]

Does it pay off to communicate like your online community? Evaluating the effect of content and linguistic style similarity on B2B brand engagement
Matthijs Meire, Kristof Coussement, Arno De Caigny, Steven Hoornaert [Google Scholar]

VSI: Capability, Complexity, and Resilience

The development of B2B social networking capabilities
Severina Cartwright, Iain A. Davies [Google Scholar]

Uncovering the effectual-causal resilience nexus in the era of Covid-19: A case of a food sector SME’s resilience in the face of the global pandemic
C. Simms, P. McGowan, D. Pickernell, D. Vazquez-Brust, A. Williams [Google Scholar]

Resuming business operations after a Hiatus: The case of reappearing relationships
León Poblete, Virpi Havila, Helén Anderson, Mikael Gidhagen, Christopher John Medlin [Google Scholar]

Strategic nets in tourism destinations: Investigating the learning processes underpinning dynamic management capabilities
Noel Murray, Patrick Lynch, Anthony Foley [Google Scholar]

Benefiting from supplier business continuity: The role of supplier monitoring and buyer power
J. Kiarash Sadeghi R., Arash Azadegan, Divesh Ojha, Jeffrey A. Ogden [Google Scholar]

Insights into processes underlying Capability, Complexity, and Resilience using IMP assumptions to studying Markets-as-Networks. Edited by: Thomas O’Toole and Helen McGrath

Towards process research: Presuppositions and the vine metaphor
Christopher John Medlin [Google Scholar]

Innovation Ecosystems. Edited By: Steven Pattinson, John Nicholson, Michael Ehret, Chander Velu, Paul Ryan

Enhancing the understanding of ecosystems under innovation management context: Aggregating conceptual boundaries of ecosystems
Jin Han, Haibo Zhou, Sandor Lowik, Petra de Weerd-Nederhof [Google Scholar]

Coordinating service ecosystems for innovation: The case of tourism destination innovation projects
Katia Picaud-Bello, Eric Stevens, L. Martin Cloutier, Laurent Renard [Google Scholar]

Looking Back to Move Forward: Reviews and Analyses of Literature in Industrial Marketing. Edited by M. Billur Akdeniz, Ahmet H. Kirca and M. Berk Talay

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability practices in B2B markets: A review and research agenda
Ying Huang, Debra Lee Surface, Chun Zhang [Google Scholar]

Intra and interorganizational paradoxes and actionable solutions in product-service networks. Edited by: Ismail Golgeci, Ewelina Lacka, Olli Kuivalainen and Vicky Story

Paradoxes and coping mechanisms in the servitisation journey
Sanjay Chaudhary, Amandeep Dhir, David Gligor, Sher Jahan Khan, Alberto Ferraris [Google Scholar]

The Contemporary Face of Word-Of-Mouth in B2B Contexts: New Technologies, Practices and Challenges. Edited by: Rob Angell, Antonia Erz, Ben Marder and Tugra Akarsu

Influencer marketing within business-to-business organisations
Severina Cartwright, Hongfei Liu, Iain A. Davies [Google Scholar]

Business networks, markets and sustainability. Edited by: Debbie Harrison, Per Carlborg, Nina Hasche and Frans Prenkert

Applying the resource interaction approach to policy analysis – Insights from the antibiotic resistance challenge
Enrico Baraldi, Sofia Wagrell [Google Scholar]

Building sustainable hospitals: A resource interaction perspective
Sofia Wagrell, Malena I. Havenvid, Åse Linné, Viktoria Sundquist [Google Scholar]

The Role of Technology in Achieving Effective Circular Supply Chain Management. Edited by Fu Jia, Michelle Steward, Lujie Chen and Tobias Schoenherr

Game changer or threat: The impact of 3D printing on the logistics supplier circular supply chain
Yu Xiong, Hui Lu, Gen-Dao Li, Sen-Mao Xia, Zhao-Xing Wang, Yi-Fan Xu [Google Scholar]

Retraction notice to “E-commerce logistics distribution mode in big-data context: A case analysis of JD.COM” [Industrial Marketing Management 86 (2020) 154–162]
Kangning Zheng, Zuopeng Zhang, Bin Song [Google Scholar]